All Missable things to ease your mind...


FF2 is a big game with a bunch of stuff - most of it you can get at any time. There are some things, however, like bestiary mobs and treasure chests that go away forever. With keeping spoilers as minimal as possible, I'll be detailing when to stop and make sure you get everything.

The Missables In Order

Ok, here we go in order of encounter:

Below, I'll outline all the keywords so that you don't miss any but first, dungeons and monsters:

Missable Enemies List and Missable Items

Phorusracos - Outside the dreanought before you board it

Buccaneer - when you get to control a boat on water

Kill fish - same

Sea snake - same

Hell diver - same

Land ray - East of the desert/in the desert at any time before the tower

Antliion - in and around the desert at any time before the tower

Warning ** Completing the Mysidian Tower dungeon changes the World map spawns. Before doing that, be sure to have the above enemies killed. Ok? Ok. **

Additionally, make sure you have the chest from Altair before then too. Its hard to miss.**

Once you have access to the wyvern go to Paul's house at the SW of Fynn and ask him about the Cyclone. go into the secret room enar his bed to pick up 8 chests you otherwise would miss forever.

Palamedica Castle is not only a one time dungeon, but also home to several enemies that are gone forever once it's gone. While there, hit these guys up:



Black knight

stone Golem


Missable Dungeons list

Dreadnought - get all the chests before leaving or it's GG.

Leviathan - 5 chests inside, get them all before beating the boss.

Cyclone - Get all the chests before leaving.

Palamecia Castle: get all 17 chests.

Jade passage/Pandaemonium end the game - but you can leave at any time by pasting teleport. Do this to wrap up any non-missable items, such as monsters and chests still chilling in the game.


Start of the game, Hilda grants Wild Rose

Returning from Fynn/Scott: Hilda grants mythril, dreadnought and airship. Cid can also grant airship in paloom or w/e city he's in.

After the bafsk Cave incident, Go to poft and ask cid about sunfire.

Next, talk to hilda about sunfire and then the king - and ask him about the godesses bell.

After dreadnought, talk to gordon on the throne to learn about Dragoons and wyverns.

After retaking the castle of Fynnigan, Ask hilda about Mysidia, Maska, and ekmet teloess.

Ask Gordon in castle fynn about ultima

Make sure to talk to paul about Ekmet Teloess to get to the sewers dungeon and get all the castle fynn chests at this time.

After the cyclone ending Scene, meet with hilda and learn Palamecia.

After Palamecia Castle, ask hilda about Jade passage.

(as an added bonus, fly to castle deis and ask the woman about dragoons to get exaclibur - not a keyword but awesome sauce)

The Players Checklist

Altair HildaWild Rose

Altair chest

Altair Hilda 2 Mythril

Altair Hilda 2 dreadnought

Altair Hilda 2 airship

After Bafsk Cid sunfire

Dying King Godesses Bell

Phorusracos & Dreadnought Dungeon Chests

King Gordon altair Dragoons

King Gordon altair Wyverns


Kill fish

Sea snake

Hell diver

Antlion Land Ray

Castle Fynn HIlda - Mysida, Masks, Ekmet Teloess

Castle Finn Gordon - Ultima

Unock sewers via paul in fynn city for chests

Leviathan Chests

Castle Fynn Hilda - Learn Cyclone

Talk to paul about Cyclone, get the wyvern

Talk to paul about cyclone again, 8 secret chests in pauls room

Cyclone chests

Talk to hilda to learn palamecia after cycleon

Palamecia castle chests: 17

palamecia enemies:



Black knight

stone Golem


Ask Hilda about Jade Passage

Talk to dragoon lady about dragoons at castle deiss

Wrap up everything else before completing Pandaemonium (teleport gets you out if need be)