Aggravated Assault

Aggravated Assault

Steps By Steps

Handling Injured

Questioning Witness

Arresting Suspect

Handling Injured

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When you arrive at the scene. Go to every injured person on the floor, and call ambulance for each and every injured person

Questioning Witness

After sending help to all injured, You may start questioning your witness.

You may

-Question witness of what happened ( Only need to do this for the event, others are extras )

-Ask for ids

* This will give you the suspect details such as suspects image / clothing ( Make sure ask every witness to get most out of it ) You might not get any clues at all [ end if no clues]

-You may frisk a person when they



green crumb on shirt

Avoiding eye contact

Looking around

-You may arrest a person when ( Only when you frist / search legally - Refer to frist and search above)

Having illegal weapon ( Guns without license / All type of Knifes )

Over legal weight of 1oz cannabis

Arresting Suspect

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After getting info on suspects walk around and look for person whom match. You may right click to check if the person is a suspects

After you found that suspect. Detain her from running away with the reason you match a description

Check for id to make sure its the same person and start your arrest under Crime Scene - Aggravated Assault

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