Fix for bugged skill tree/Corrupted save file

Fix for bugged skill tree/Corrupted save file

The Main Issue

Hi. You might have experienced that your skill tree UI is acting weird: not closing pop-up windows, mutagens not being spent, need to refresh window to see perks obtained and most important - not being able to load your save file after unlocking anything in the tree. Most probably you might experience many more bugs and functionalities not working properly further in the game, because author probably hard coded time formats into game code. So these bugs are experienced only by people with improper time format.

The Fix

Fix for bugged skill tree/Corrupted save file image 3
Fix for bugged skill tree/Corrupted save file image 4

Fix is suprisingly simple:

(screenshots are on win11 system with polish language, but overall design should be the same )

1. Go to your region settings

2. Change time format to: Chinese (simplified, China)

(others might work, I haven't tested them but the one above definitly works for me)

(update: as one person in comments claimed, American format should work too, but I didn't test that)

Most probably 'short date' (one on very top) causes issues. In my language its originally dd/mm/rrrr

3. Apply changes, launch the game and create brand new map and character. If you use ones created on old time format, game will crash after loading the world.

4. Play the game.

Thats it. Your calendar will look crazy but you can swap your time back after you stop playing. No need to change region itself and restarting PC. Just change of format is enough to make your game work properly.


As a fan of C:DDA, Zomboid and other survival games I love this game. It's wonderful idea and execution but I wish author could have looked into this issue sooner than later. Anyway it works now so I ain't complaining anymore. Happy surviving.


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