Tiny Tom, Giant George, and How the World Ended

Tiny Tom, Giant George, and How the World Ended

The Beginning

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It all started off when Giant George and Tiny Tom were summoned by Gimmie a taco. It was peaceful back then, just the two of them, gathering resources in their land, Give Us Lemons. Of course, this would change, because soon after, the Hello Kingdom kingdom was formed. Hello Kingdom was quite a nice place, but that would soon change (I'll get to that later). Meanwhile, Tiny Tom was planning something huge. He said "I want to find the Lemon Land, the land of lemons." Giant George didn't like that idea. But then it happened. She saw a rabbit. Not any old rabbit, it was The Rabbit. The Rabbit said "If you explore, you will grow." Giant George suddenly changed her mind at the thought of being able to become bigger in size. Of course, that wasn't what The Rabbit meant, but who cares. Tiny Tom and Giant George prepared themselves for the journey.

The Big Grassy Area Thingy

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They set off into the next biome, the grassland. However, they immediately wanted to go back. Don't ask me. But then something happened. They heard a voice. It said "Please go to the grassland so that I can make this story." But they didn't listen. So Gimmie a taco used the divine magnet on them to take them out of their village. Just to make sure they listened, he made a wall blocking them from going back to their kingdom. Tiny Tom said "Fiiiiiiiiine, we'll exploooooore..." But then it happened. Meteorites came from the sky and all hit a very specific area of the forest. Then, a heat ray burned a smiley face into the ground. Perhaps they should've taken this as a warning, but they didn't. Instead, that made them want to go to Hello Kingdom. Their influence made other people explore as well. However, Giant George and Tiny Tom didn't like that. They said "We should live in Hello Kingdom and not explore." But then they saw it. Chicken Boi.

Walking Trees Omg

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Chicken Boi said "Please stop wanting to explore or I'll ground you for a week." Tiny Tom and Giant George said "Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine..." And so they explored. Eventually, they found Candy Land. They wanted to eat all of the candy, but then something happened. The candy trees started walking. Tiny Tom Was very confused, but Giant George was even more confused. Why? She got kidnapped by a tree! Tiny Tom said "OH NOOOOO!!!!!!!" Then, one of the trees said "Hahaha." Tiny Tom was then surrounded by trees! He decided to punch them, but that did nothing. Suddenly, Gimmie a taco used the life eraser to erase the trees. Giant George was saved! As they walked further upwards, they found a machine. The Rat King's Machine. It created the walking trees. The Rat King said only three words: "Ha. Ha Ha."

We Don't Talk About This Part

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Tiny Tom and Giant George continued onward, and eventually found the land that we don't talk about.

How The World Ended

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Tiny Tom and Giant George eventually reached the Crystal Zone, the protector of the Lemon Land. "Ooohhhhhh shiny" they said. Suddenly, a Crystal sword came. It said "Please don't go to Lemon Land. It will end the world." Of course, they didn't listen. They should've. "Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tiny Tom and Giant George said. They were looking at the wall blocking them from Lemon Land. "How are you gonna get past that?" a Crystal man said. Tiny Tom and Giant George said "Meteors." That was the last thing they ever said. Meteors rained on the wall, destroying it. However, They died from the explosion. The Lemon People and Bois didn't like the noise, so they got mad. Then something happened. Something that you probably knew would happen by the title, but Hello Kingdom didn't. Nukes rained from the sky, completely wiping out any trace of Hello Kingdom (that's why it's not a nice place anymore). Next, other bombs came crashing to the ground, eradicating the biomes, including the Mushroom Biome. By now, all the humans were gone. Or so everyone thought. Because only a few seconds later, tons of humans came, making lots of new kingdoms. That meant more destruction >:). Tornadoes started to appear, but they didn't do much, even with a massive one. Antimatter bombs fell from the sky, and

unlike the tornadoes, they obliterated every sign of humans. Except for one annoying one. So you know what happened after that? Gimmie a taco came to help the end of the world, and summoned Crabzilla to destroy the last of humanity. Also some lava clouds came because why not. I hope you *sob* enjoyed this *harder sob* heartbreaking *harderer sob* story *the world gets flooded by tears, literally*. The end.

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