Ideas for wobbleDogs

Wild Wobbles

For wild wobbles automate options and turn off every picking up stuff or removing stuff and change the breeding options to Random co-parent or Proximal Co-parent and change the thing below to required. Change the decor every once and a while and watch wild WobbleDogs

Track Dogs

For this world make a couple tracks that can be anything you want mine are Starvation, Selective feeding, All food, Fun room and Waste room. All your tracks must go to one happy room for adults with music all the food they could want and all the toys you have.

Zoo Dogs

A wobbledog zoo why not... make different biomes from wallpaper, floors, and food dispensers example: Jungle habitat= jungle flooring, jungle wallpaper, and jungle food dispenser.

Step by step habitat

1. Choose your biome (let's say I choose arctic)

2. Place the wallpaper and flooring (For me I will have the snowy carpet and the snowscape wallpaper.)

3. Add a tube loop like side to roof and place a food dispenser so when spawns food the food goes through the tube. (I have dessert but you can choose yours!!!)

4. place an incubator (Does not matter where.)

5. Add food and dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5b. Research and experiment (Jungle dog egg in arctic habitat or breed jungle dog with arctic dog)


Post dogs in the comments for me to send through my ideas for track dogs tell me the track and for zoo dogs the available habitats are Jungle, Arctic, Sea, Nocturnal, Grasslands, and space (Puppies only)


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