Hard Reset

Hard Reset For Patch 1.8.X

0) Close game XD

1) in game propertions in steam window (right click on the game in steam library window and choose

properties), here go to cloud page and choose cloud sync OFF

2) delete file 1794680 from .../steam/usersdata/77215666/1794680 <-- delete this file

3) delete files with name Vampire Survivors from C:\\users/******/appdata/roaming/“all 3 vampire

survivors data folders“

4) make sure that the cloud sync is off and then reinstall the game.

5) Then run it 1 time while sync is off and then quit the game.

6) Then click back to make it sync, system find out that local files have more actual time and will ask

if you want to rewrite the cloud ones with the local (or give you to choose one of them, choose the

LOCAL!!!), so then rewrite them and your cloud save files are also fresh with 0% proggress.

7) BUT to make it work and dont get the endless loading bug, or save data corruption warning and

need to alt+F4 the game you need restart the steam that means close it or log off - log in method

OR as i did rester whole PC and then you can run it without the bug or file corruption have a

chance to happened!

And thats it your progress is successfully reseted to 0.00%

But please be sure to follow the guide step by step and dont skip any part of it especiely the last one the 7th one because if even 1 time you get this bugged; corrupted thing You must start whole thing from over AGAIN !

Thx for high stars ranking for make it easily find out for other whose like to do it too, but dont know how ;)

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3127558856					

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