Progression guide (gloomrot update)

Progression guide (gloomrot update)


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Hello, within 500 hours of my playtime in the world of V rising I come to somewhat optimal playthrough for the basic game progression on server with standard settings - PvE. Author encourages not to use any guides of walkthroughs for the first time playthrough. Game is intuitive and has good ingame tutorial for everything you would need to beat it's final boss.

Due to the incoming 1.0 version, some aspects of this guide can become obsolete soon, f.e. spell progression.

Strategy in action, Ungora Spider Queen in less than 4 hours on standard settings server - fresh start.

Another one with so many mistakes, still Ungora in 3:45 standard settings:

Tier1 Ilvl 0 - 30

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After character creation, go through the cemetary, craft bone sword and bone ring. Go west Farbane entrance and head to the Alpha Wolf Den. On your way there collect 64 rugged hide and 96 bones. Before first upgrade you will need also 32 blood rose, so keep an eye for red bushes on your way. There always 2 wolves in the Wolf Den, so don't need to stress about hide too much (gives 40 and 10 bones). Try situating boss between the trees before ending him, so you get some free wood. Should be easy on ilvl 10.

Collect all materials, transform into wolf and head north to the Bandits Copper mine.

Craft bone axes and bone mace.

Try grabbing every chest on your way to the boss. If you have reinforced bone weapon (or lumberjack axe) you can mine copper by yourself. If not, you need to make Stonebreaker boss break copper veins for you. You need around 800 copper. Afterwards, equip aftershock and head east to the Bandit logging camp:

You are looking for planks - should get around 12. Finish Rufus and head to your future clastle heart location.

Place castle heart (240 stone, 30 blood), 3 floors (20 stone,3 blood), 3 palisades (80 wood 30 plant), coffin (180 wood) , blazer (180 stone), 2 stashes (150 wood each). I only leave castle heart and stashes, dismantle the rest.

Place sawmill (400 wood 80 stone) and 2 furnaces (480 stone 80 copper). Smelt all copper ore (800 ore = 40 copper bars). Construct simple workbench (8 plank 120 hide 80 stone), make plated armour set (64x4 hide) and bloodrose ring (32 rose 64 grass). You should be ilvl 20 at this point (if you found reinforced bone weapon).

Head to the Bandit trapper camp to get rid of Kelly, the forst archer. Scavenge for mats, needs at least 672 hide - caged animals are a good source of it. Return to your place, build tannery (160 hide 8 plank). You need 16 coarse thread and 32 leather (512 hide).

Processing leather takes time, can go for a horse if you are close to Dunley farmlands - just grab one and tp back.

Craft copper weapon (16 copper ingot 12 plans) - which one depends on which merc book do you have - do not craft crossbow for sure. Merc copper weapons are required to crack iron veins and harvest cotton - it's not required before tier 2/dunley - it's good to have if you are going there. Merc weapons aside from copper weapon, needs 2 gems, 4 leather and 12 wetstone - the latter is the hardest to obtain. If you need gems you can buy them from vendors (12 copper ea):

Speaking of vendors. There are 2 places you can find them in farbane. There is always a book merchant, mats merchant, gem merchant and potions/seeds merchant. It is very important to get FORGE FLOOR at some point before tier 2, and usualy you can get it at merchants for 70 copper coins. Usualy items rotate every 55 minutes, so if you don't have floor book yet you can check ever so often. From my experience the second book merchant can have different floor/potion books - it is worth checking both of them. Also vendors are good for potions too - if you have few spare copper coins, it is a good investment for most of the game.

At this point, you should get your full Nightstalker set with copper weapon - ilvl 27.

What I like to do at this point is to hunt Goreswine and Lydia for their spells and Gravedigger ring.

Goreswine travels between 2 cemetaries:

Gravedigger ring takes (12 grave dust and 32 lilies), can get some grave dust at cemetary, other option is corpse pile and skeletal assasins.

You can also skip these 2 bosses and go straight for bear and bandit king (ilvl 27 is doable).

Important - after you get copper weapon you can mine sulfour - you will need 320 ore to smelt. I usualy go for random veins here and there.

Kill bear in the cave - can collect 60 hell carrions - will be helpful in the future. Go for Bandit king, ransack whole bandit camp for 16 wetstones. If still don't have enough, can go for Rufus - west from copper mine. Use 12 wetstones for merc copper weapon and 4 to build grinder (8 plank 8 copper bar 4 wetstone). Process stone and wood so you have at least 80 brick and 48 plank for tier 2, and 12 sulphur. Equip Quincey ult and with ilvl 33/30 you are ready for tier 2.

Upgrade castle heart to lvl 2 with 12 copper bars and 12 leather.

Tier 2 - Ilvl 30 - 66

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Here we go, with the longest part of playthrough. Tier 2 consists of 2 long farming/processing parts: iron + cotton and pristine leather + silk. Part contains bosses that are hard to beat while underleveled (octavian & spooder) so it is quite difficult to "skip" this part of the content without proper gear.

ilvl 30 - 44 Iron weapon + hollowfang set (gravedigger ring).

12 cotton yarn + 8 wool thread for one piece of armour

16 iron bars + 12 planks for iron weapon

In order to produce Iron weapons you need smithy (32 iron bars 16 sulphur 200 blood) - should have enough sulphur from tier 1 (320 ore), with iron you need ~1000 iron ore to process (which takes a lot of time). Can use more smelters. Usual root that I make is kill Beatrice, ransack that village, go to haunted mine collect 1000 iron ore and check if Kriig fought with Meredith.

I build 4x4 castle with forge flooring and smelt all of the iron.

While iron is getting processed, I usualy go for cotton farms (black arrow route), and collect ~1400 cotton + 120 sunflower + rest of the wool threads. Going through the route should give you also access to all farbane waygates. It is a good idea to trash boxes next to the Farmers Market for easy mats too.

Return to your castle, put on bear form (has higher garlic res - it takes less time to get rid of it, can also make a cape). Pack every piece of cotton into a loom. You will need Tailoring Bench (200 blood 28 cotton balls 40 planks).

It takes some time to get rid off all of the garlic stacks, as well as process everything - I like to continue doing the main quests until I get the dominate human power. It takes some time to process servant too. If my stacks went to around 30-40 I go for Nicholaus especially for his spell, grabbin all possible grave dust. I usualy go for Grayson for wetstone recipy, and if you don't have at this point 48 wetstone (36 with forge floor), it's a good idea to farm some of copper. For the next jewellery upgrade you need 12 scourge stones - which takes wetstones and grave dust to make (4/4 for 1). Keep in the back of your mind that you also need 12glass for the Artisan Table (12 glass 16 iron ingot 1 greater blood) and 16 glass and a regular gem for an upgrade afterwards.

It is good to make t2 cape at this point - since you might need some silver coins too.

With all of that said, you should have enough materials for hollowfang set and iron weapon which would make you ilvl 44. Since I like doing all of the mid bosses of Dunley at once, prepeare some potions from farbane vendor and head to Maja. I like doing Maja, Leandra, Grethel, Vincent, Bane in that order. If you got some space left can head to military outpost for some easy loot (especially glass and reinforced planks).

Gravedigger ring -> scourgestone pendant is 6 ilvl upgrade, which will make your character ilvl 50.

ilvl 50- 66 Now for the second part of tier 2. Fighting Spooder or Octavian is difficult on this ilvl, so would recommend some upgrades first. The easiest way to increase your overall lvl is to get merc iron weapon (1 regular gem 4 greater blood 4 reinforced pank) + merc pendant (4 regular gems 16 glass). Shattered weapons are good source of scourge stone and iron while fed to The devourer (12 planks 6 copper ingots). Book drops are random and the only certain way to get proper gear is to visit the dunley Farmers Market. Prices are following:

Merc iron weapons 64 silver (always 3 options)

Merc hollofang armour 50 silver (always 4 options)

Merc pendant 64 silver (always 2 options)

Floors/pots 64 silver (always 2 options but might have decoration books instead)

Regular gems 18 silver

Seeds 48/24 silver (always 3 options, price is different for t2/t1 seeds)

Brew 14/8 silver (always 3 options, prices is different for t2/t1 brews)

mats 10/6 silver

fish 18/12 silverWith t2 cape (15 silver resistance) 75 silver does not hurt your character, 128 silver coins kilils you slowly - but you should make it from teleport to the book vendor. Silver dmg does not break your disguise. If you want Hollowfang armour, remember that one piece costs 12 thick leather and 4 iron bars.

You also need to build study which takes 20 scrolls 8 reinforced 8 thick leather.

I really like to do Kriig the Udead General at this point, but only for the unholy shield spell. Fighting Jade is required for primal blood or if you are a fan of pistols - she is doable on this ilvl with use of Corrupted skull and unholy shield. Primal blood is needed in tier3 buildings and upgrades. It is required for ancestral forge too, but I skip it and only build it end of tier 3.

For the Octavian, should not be too hard on ilvl 56 - only difficult part is dodging his helicopter technique. Need to hide behind wooden wall - seen strat to transform into wolf and jump through it.

With Octavian defeated can descent into the cursed woods.

Second part of the tier 2 consist of hardcore farming session - requirements for Dawnthorn armour set is 48 silk 48 pristine leather (with tailoring floor - tier 2 book - it is limited to 36/36). For this upgrade it is needed to collect 1000 pristine hide 1000 mutant grease 100 silk worms 100 cloth. If you are cloth short you can produce it from leftover leathers + grass.

How it usualy goes for me is that I clear all of the cocoons/ spiders inside of spider cave twice. Ungora the Spider Queen is difficult so I use strat with undying shield and aftershock/chaos volley/corpse explosion with raging tempest ult. It is a good idea to pot beforehand. Afterwards I like to mark western ramp to gloomrot and go hunt for 1000 pristine leather - can get a bunch from stalkers, bears, wolves and frogs. Stalkers can hurt a lot at this point in the game.

After that if you have still some room for (to be exact 5 slots) go to gloomrot and farm some mutants. It is a slow process to get 1000 grease. Usualy can get some next to the yellow pools and trancendum camps.

If you do not have enough space go through Cursed Forest cave passage - you will get out next to the sulphour mine western farbane. It is good to kill Clive the Firestarter whenever you are using this passage for the first time. You will need alchemy table in the future.

Process everything in tannery/loom. It is good to get tailoring floor at some point.

The other strat for silkworms is to produce them in Vermin nest (360 stone 80 bone), with 1 fishbone 16 mutant grease produces 6 silkworms - for 60 need 10 bone 160 grease - which seems reasonable since you get around 40 from full Spider cave raid. Fishbones are a random t1-3 drop or can be obtained from processed fish in a blood press (8 plank 120 stone) - you can process golden river bass, twilight snapper and fat goby if you are going for full engame.

While processing mats, I usualy go for Ziva the engie for fabricator. With merc pendant, weapon and Dawnthorn set you should be lvl 66 and ready for Cyril and Faulrot. They can be done underleveled but never tried that - it would cut down farming time in half, but 2 pieces are 3 lvls - so lvl 63 against Cyril 65. Grab ~500 ghost crystal and whatever scrougestone/ghost dust you can obtain.

Tier 3 - Ilvl 66 - 84

First things first. After Cyril you need to kill Jade for Primal blood. To build Anvil you will need 24 Spectral dust 12 Reinforced plank 1 Primal blood. To create Dark silver weapon, you need 12 darksilver 9 reinforced. For amulet upgrade you will need additional 4 darksilver. Get around 250 silver ore for that.

After you upgrade your weapon, you can attempt The sommolier for another upgrade.

<to be written>

Baron -> Henry -> Mairwyn -> Azariel -> Matka -> Voltatia -> Solarus

Baron -> Amulet lvl 21

Henry -> Research T3

Mairwyn -> strong holy pot for Azariel

Azariel -> Gold bars - enables sanguine weapons lvl 26

Matka -> ghost Yarn -> Bloodmoon armour set

Voltatia -> Power cores -> Amulet lvl 24

Solarus -> just for swag

Full bloodmoon armour set requires a lot of farm or goldsun coinage and a t3 vendor.

Gear + Gems


Merc copper sword : 2 crude sapphire (blue)

Merc copper axe: 2 crude ruby (red)

Merc copper mace: 2 crude topaz (yellow)

Merc copper spear: 2 crude emerald (green)

Merc copper crossbow: 2 crude topaz (yellow)

Ring of the Dawnrunner: 4 crude emerald (green)

Ring of the Warlock: 4 crude sapphire (blue)

Ring of the Duskwatcher: 4 crude topaz (yellow)

Ring of the Spellweaver: 4 crude miststone (teal)Tier2:

Merc iron sword : 1 regular sapphire (blue)

Merc iron axe: 1 regular ruby (red)

Merc iron mace: 1 regular topaz (yellow)

Merc iron spear: 1 regular emerald (green)

Merc iron crossbow: 1 regular topaz (yellow)

Merc iron reaper: 1 regular miststine (teal)

Merc iron greatsword: 1 regular sapphire (blue)

Merc iron pistols: 1 regular ruby (red)

Merc iron slashers: 1 regular amethyst (purple)

Pendant of the Knight: 4 regular ruby (red)

Pendant of the Warlock: 4 regular sapphire (blue)

Pendant of the Sorcerer: 4 regular amethyst (purple)

Pendant of the Dawnrunner: 4 regular emerald (green)

Pendant of the Spellweaver: 4 regular miststone (teal)

Pendant of the Duskwatcher: 4 regular topaz (yellow)Tier3:

Sanguine sword : 1 perfect sapphire (blue)

Sanguine axe: 1 perfect ruby (red)

Sanguine mace: 1 perfect topaz (yellow)

Sanguine spear: 1 perfect emerald (green)

Sanguine crossbow: 1 perfect topaz (yellow)

Sanguine reaper: 1 perfect miststone (teal)

Sanguine greatsword: 1 perfect sapphire (blue)

Sanguine pistols: 1 perfect ruby (red)

Sanguine slashers: 1 perfect amethyst (purple)

Amulet of the Crimson Commander: 4 perfect ruby (red)

Amulet of the Arch-Warlock: 4 perfect sapphire (blue)

Amulet of the Wicked Propet: 4 perfect amethyst (purple)

Amulet of the Unyelding Charger: 4 perfect emerald (green)

Amulet of the Master Spellweaver: 4 perfect miststone (teal)

Amulet of the Blademaster: 4 perfect topaz (yellow)


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