Necromancy in V Rising

Necromancy in V Rising


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Many different types of necromancy creatues live in Vardoran, some of them cant even threaten us, but deeply in cementary and graveyards you may stumble upon a dangerous enemy. Let's get to know all kinds of necromancy creatures.

1 - Armoured Skeleton ( lvl 20 / 40 )

Armoured skeleton is a "pawn" in necromancy hierarchy. It has just a sword, cant do any spells. One armoured skeleton can't be a serious menace for us, but when you are fighting versus hole army of these skeletons you have great chances of dying

2 - Skeleton Priest ( lvl 27 )

Skeleton Priest is an undead monster found in Cemetaries across Vardoran. It has no blood and therefore cannot be fed on. It's attacks consist of spawning 3 Skeletons around it's target, and a basic projectile spell

3 - Skeleton Crossbow ( lvl 18 / 36 )

Skeleton Crossbow is a basic creature found in Farbane Woods. They fire slow-moving crossbow bolts at their target. They have no blood and cannot be fed on.

4 - Skeletone Mage ( lvl 34 )

The Skeleton Mage is an undead monster found in Cemeteries across Vardoran. They often come paired with other undead mobs and it is recommended to focus them first before dealing with other enemies. Their attacks consist of an AoE ground spell that slows all targets hit by it and a basic projectile spell.

5 - Skeleton Bishop ( lvl 46 )

Skeleton Bishop is an undead monster found in Church of the Damned. It has no blood and therefore cannot be fed on. It's attacks consist of spawning 3 Skeletons around it's target, and a powerfull projectile spell.

6 - Undead Commander ( lvl 49 )

Undead Commander is the most powerfull necromancy creature. His weapon is Soul Reaper. Commaander uses 3 skills: he releases three chains and attracts to himself, magical vortex rotation and AoE ground spell.

7 - Undying Ghoul ( lvl 25 / 30 )

The Undying Ghoul is an enemy found in cemeteries across the map, including the player's spawn cemetery. It is unique in that it is the only enemy that has to be killed twice, as after it's first death it'll stand back up with 50% health and try to fight again.


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Necromancy creautures can't live in any places they want, "undeads" feed their power in graveyards and cementaries. There are a few locations in Vardoran, where you can find ords of necromancy

In Farbane Woods there are 3 necromancy locations

1 - Desecrated Graveyard

2 - Infested Graveyard

3 -Forgotten Cementery

Skeletons, crossbows, priests and ghouls inhabit in all these locations in Farbane Woods. Also in Forgotten Cementery you will find the boss Nicholaus The Fallen - strong necromancer

In Dunley Farmlands there are also couple necromancian location with dead creatures.

1 - Church of the Damned

2 - Haunted Iron Mines

Church of the Damned is the main "monastery" of unholy power of Vardoran, it's the "castle" of the strongest necromancy creatures: skeleton bishops and undead commander. You can also find Commander in Iron Mine.

In Church of Damned you will find Leandra the Shadow Priestess, she is one of the most ancient creatures of Vardoran, her dark abilities are powerfull, one legend says, that she was one of Dracula's most trusted advisor


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Vampires can drink V blood and get unusual abilities, here is the list of unholy skills.

As far as Travel Abilities go, Veil of Bones is a bit on the weaker side, despite launching projectiles from your next melee attack. You can get some use of this in group play, the Amplify debuff is a strong one, allowing your other team members to pile on more damage. However, there are far better skills that should take up your Travel Ability in V Rising.

Volatile Arachnid

As far as Ultimates go, Volatile Arachnid is disappointing. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was a Basic Ability, but for the long recast that Ultimates have, there’s far better options. When used, you’ll summon spiderlings that will chase your enemy before exploding. Along with the damage it deals, it will also spawn toxic fumes that will deal damage over time and slow your enemy. You’ll also get 3 casts of this spell per ultimate.

Summon Fallen Angel

This is arguably one of the better Ultimates in the game, there’s just a huge caveat with it. You won’t actually obtain this ability until you defeat the toughest boss currently in the game, Solarus the Immaculate (80). As such, your uses in PvE are rather limited, although it is still useful in PvP as a fearsome target for other players to deal with. The Fallen Angel will last for 15 seconds and any attacks it makes will inflict Amplify on their targets, further increasing damage from you and any other players in your group


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If you want to became the perfect necromant you have to kill 6 different bosses. All of them live in different places and locations

1 - Goreswine the Ravager ( lvl 27 )

A mad cultist, too far gone to be really intelligible. The malevolent being they serve pushes them to desecrate all things, with little regard for practicality. They wear a rotting pig's head as a decorative mast

Goreswine the Ravanger does not have permanent location, you can find this creature on this road

2 - Nicholaus the Fallen ( lvl 37 )

A necromancer driven out of high society in Silverlight for his indulgence in the dark arts. Now he lives among the undead, using his unliving servants to fulfil his needs, as well as bring him back unwilling subjects for his experiments.

Nicholaus the Fallen can be found at the Forgotten Cemetery in the center of Farbane Woods.

3 - Christina the Sun Priestess ( lvl 44 )

A faithful servant of the Church of Luminance with a mean streak, Christina serves as both a den mother to acolytes as well as a stern disciplinarian. Every young priest or nun knows not to cross her.

Christina stops for a few minutes to pray at the Mosswick and Dawnbreak churches in between her walks.

4 - Matka the Curse Weaver ( lvl 72 )

Some say Matka is the Oldest of the Witches, but the truth is that nobody knows how or when these timeless creatures were born. A force of nature and a mockery of humanity, she is utterly beyond reason.

You can find her in Cursed Forest

5 - Raziel the Shepherd ( lvl 60 )

The head and heart of the Dunley Monastery and a true believer in the Light, Raziel is known for his persuasive sermons and harsh, fire-and-brimstone rhetoric. It is believed that his holy power is granted by his incredible righteousness, largely because he keeps saying so.

6 - Solarus the Immaculate ( lvl 80 )

The final and strongest boss of the game. A legendary paladin of the Light, and the oldest living member of the Church of Luminance. His connection to the Light has extended his lifetime seemingly indefinitely, and he's watched the steady descent of man down the path of comfort,

greed, and avarice with disinterest. A pioneer of the age of heroes, he yearns for the

days of glory to return and cares for little else.


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