[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT].

[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT].


If you want it to be short and spoiler free here it is - the list of hints:

There is spare jammer outside of the puzzle.

Jammers block mines movement just like walls

It IS possible to let middle mine pass through while you're leaning against the wall.

Don't run between mines moving simultaneously, this won't work. Desynchronise them.

Using Shift + W makes sence.


[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 8
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 9
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 10

[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 11
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 12
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 13
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 14
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 15
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 16
[Star Level A]. A Nerve-Wrecker puzzle [HINT]. image 17

First of all put down the first wall with one of inside jammers. It should block one mine from going out.

↑ Then bring outside jammer and lock another mine. That will allow you to walk on the one side freely.

↑ We will have something like this

Then get idle jammer and bring it in the first room. Let it hold the door. After that take another one inside (look for the mine. It should be moving to another wall at that time), wait for mine to come out and leave it there. Place one jammer the similar way it was before. Now it will block mine from coming in and will put down the next barrier. With free jammer we will control the walls to lead middle mines into the trap.

Stay near the brick wall to let first middle mine pass through.

It will beep but it won't blow up.

Put barrier back. Three mines are trapped.

The same way lure another middle mine there.

Then we need to move in second room. Stop mines conjugated movement. You will need to place one jammer in room 2 the way it will block both mine and barrier between room 2 and 1. Remember: start moving when mine in on it's way to the next wall.

After that bring in the second jammer and freeze mine between wall and jammer so you will have enough space and options what to do next.

Now you can do with mines whatever you want.

With one jammer I opened the way. The other one (on the screenshot) is holding mine behind the wall. Also both of them are blocking room 2 mines from getting too close to the wall between room 2 and 3, so I have to worry about one mine in room 3.

Wait for mine to push off and go. Ta da!


I've beaten level this way at the first try. Then came and passed it once more with no big trouble, just like the first time.

Somehow everybody forgets about this little thing. I've watched and read different walkthroughs but nobody used third jammer. I'm fairly bad at games where great reaction is needed, that's why I can't run through mines like some people do, and seek for more slow-paced ways to solve the puzzle. Where it is possible to stand somewhere for a long time and not to die. Sometimes it's not what was implied and results in bulk of unnecessary actions, but I prefer safe way whatever.

I hope this hint/guide will help somebody to keep their nerves a bit less wrecked :)

P.S. here is a little bonus cheat for you. In Jammed from Within you candisable second wall (leading to ladder room) through the fence. It seems to be a bug but I've done it multiple times, so it works fine and helps to get second key easier (you can disable both mines. But disabling even the last one makes a big deal). Anyway two jammers are better than one.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=605002285					

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