GD3D11 on Linux (DX11, DirectX 11)

Why Do You Need It?

Better lighting.

Dynamic shadows.

Variety of fancy visual effects.

Better performance.

Higher draw distance.

Where To Get It?


How To Make It Work?

After you download it, unpack it into

TheChroniclesOfMyrtana/system/,so ddraw.dll should be next to Gothic2.exe.

Next, add this line to the launch options:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ddraw=n,b" %command%if it doesn't work, try this one:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dxgi.dll=n;d3d11.dll=n;ddraw.dll=n,b" %command%

The first one works for me, the second one I've seen in the discussions section.

Enjoy the game.


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