100% Achievement Guide [ENG]

100% Achievement Guide [ENG]


Difficulty to 100%: Medium

Time to 100%: ca. 120-150 hours

Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos is a total conversion mod for Gothic 2 and because of that many mechanics are similar or the same. It is highly recommended you play Gothic 1 and either Gothic 2 Night of the Raven or Gothic 2 Classic before starting Archolos, as it will help you familiarize yourself with the gameplay and because there are some references made to the lore as well as previous characters. This game is about 100 hours long per playthrough, if you play thoroughly and explore every crevice while also knowing what you're doing. If you decide to save right before joining either the Merchant Guild Araxos or the City Guard you will be able to 100% the game in about 120-150 hours. I also recommend saving every Old Coin you get until Chapter 2 where you can bring them to the museum, as getting one of the rewards from the Museum is required for one of the Achievements. You should also (before Chapter 5) visit every place regularly and try to help wherever you can as that is also a requirement for one of the achievements.

I split up the Achievements into three sections: Easy, Grindy and Missable. Easy ones can be done almost at any time and don't require you to play a certain way, while Grindy ones can mostly only be done after having X amount of items, having reached a certain power level or having played till a later chapter. Missable Achievements will also be sorted by Chapter/Story progression and will have hints as to when you should look at them, so you don't accidentally spoil yourself while still being able to get all or most of the Achievements.

Also please note that there is a point of no return in Chapter 5 when you enter Vardhal for the expedition and that some Achievements which aren't listed under "missable" will then become unobtainable. Try to do as many of the Easy and Grindy achievements as possible before proceeding any further.

IMPORTANT INFO: The achievements you get in this mod will not count towards your Average Completion Rate, your Perfect Games or the Total Achievements on your Steam Profile. Steam treats mods with Achievements different to full games with Achievements, no matter that they have their own Store page or that they use the same Achievement system as other Steam games. Do remember this before you get grinding on your 100%!

Without further ado let's get started!

Easy Achievements

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Use all forms of fast travel.

This one is straight forward as well and you will likely get it naturally during your playthrough. You will have to travel once with teleportation runes (only activatable near the pentagrams), by boat (you will find them at the harbor of Archolos as well as populated beaches) and Abraxos Merchant Carriers which are spread throughout the island at almost every important location.


Convert heavy branches to 50 arrows or bolts.

This one you can save scum. You just need to find a workbench, easiest is in front of the warehouse in Silbach and turn 17 heavy branches into either arrows or bolts as one heavy branch equals 3 arrows/bolts (if you haven't learned bowmaking yet as bowmaking increases the amount of arrows and bolts you get from a single heavy branch).

Trial of the Grasses

Be under the influences of three temporary potions at the same time.

This one is also relatively easily cheesable. Just get three temporary stat boost potions and drink them all at once. You can save beforehand in case you don’t actually wanna use them all.


Without the magic potion, it’s not so easy to pick it up, right?

This one can be done together with Trial of the Grasses. You have to either drink a temporary Dexterity or Strength potion and then equip a weapon you were unable to equip without it. Then you pull out the weapon and wait until Marvin lets it fall to the floor and you get the achievement.

Friendly Fire

If fire is best fought with fire, then a wolf is best fought with… a wolf?

For this one just keep any transformation scroll you find and then use it to kill an enemy of the same species the transformation scroll turns you into. Fun fact: Some animals will follow you and accept you as their new Alpha if you kill one of them and they witness it. You can use this to let a pack of wolves kill other animals. Be wary though as leveling up while being transformed will not increase your maximum health (or at least that was the case in Gothic 2).

Cast Away

Reach the farthest corner of the world.

For this achievement you need either a few lockpicks or a pick lock spell as well as a pickaxe. Just head to Lurker Shore and swim southwest along the shore of Archolos until you find an island offshore. Once you’ve reached the island, enter the cave with the bed, the magic ore vein and the chest, hack away at the vein and plunder the chest and once you go outside again a castaway should talk to you. The achievement plops up once you’ve talked to him. There’s also a pentagram on this island so you can teleport back to the main island easily. Warning! The castaway only spawns when certain conditions are met. I am unsure whether that is reaching a certain part of the story or plundering his chest and hacking at the vein. I got this achievement in Chapter 1 but if you wanna be sure do this a bit later.

Magician’s Path

Write your first 5 magic scrolls.

Just show yourself interested in learning magic and do every quest for Riordian in Silbach and he will give you a book to learn transcribing scrolls. It will cost you 5LP and you will need blank parchment as well as shards of magic ore (you can crush magic ore nuggets at an alchemy table or buy them at mages and miners). If you do the quest for Riordian in Silbach the transcribed scrolls made during (before actually having learned the talent of transcribing scrolls) will NOT count towards this.

Forsaken Gods

Interact with the shrine of every God.

This one is straight forward, just pray at every type of shrine once. You will find Adanos and Innos shrines all over the island. There is an Innos shrine north of Silbach as well as in the chapel of Innos in the city. Riordian will show you an early Adanos shrine if you do the main quest and there's an Adanos shrine in the city as well. The only shrine you might have trouble finding is Beliars. But right over the bridge from Silbach to Rita’s Vineyard on your right side (the other side of the road from where you’ve found Rolf) inside the cave with a corpse in front you will find the Beliar shrine you're looking for (as well as a teleport pentagram). Watch out though as there’s a few skeletons.

Best Friend

Pet a dog.

In the corner of the city where you will also find Odgar the blacksmith and Davis the locksmith you will find an old dog. Try to pet him and you will have to feed him a bunch of meats and bones until he likes you and lets him pet you. He will only eat two things a day and especially likes fried boar meat. There are other ways and dogs you can pet. Later in the game in Chapter 4 if you own a house in Old Town you can find a wounded dog in front of your door and get the option to take him in and give him a name.

Gear Up!

Get a complete set of equipment.

You will have to equip a full set of accessories. i. E. 2X Ring of the Southerner, 1x Amulet of the Southerner or similar. You can buy most sets from merchants.

Valley of the Mines

Mine iron, gold, silver and magic ore.

For this you will need a pickaxe and mine every vein at least once, you don't actually have to get any nuggets for this Achievement, just interacting with the vein while holding a pickaxe is enough. I will only list the easiest deposits for each, so that you can get this Achievement early on without much trouble. You can find iron ore in the cave at the beginning where Fabio and the others were hiding. Gold veins can only be found at the Merchant Guild mine, which requires an entry fee. If you are planning to join Araxos only visit them after joining the guild and having a high extraction skill, as you only get to sign one contract and you want the fee to be as minimal as possible. Silver veins can be found on the way from the charcoalers camp to the Wolf's Den, however there will be some minecrawlers guarding them. And lastly magic ore can easiest be found in a cave near the pond by Ritas Vineyard, but the vein will be guarded by minecrawlers also. There's also one unguarded one on the Castaway island.

Part-time Thief

Every chest can be opened with a finite number of lockpicks… or spell scrolls. Make sure to waste more than you need!

For this one either start picking a lock with a lockpick and finish with a spell (imho the easier route as the spell does things automatically for you if you have enough mana) or do it the other way around.

Grindy Achievements

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Just right for pay off a debt

Own at least 10,000 gold pieces

Very self-explainatory. If you’re min-maxing you’re probably only gonna get this a bit later in the game, but once you started an apprenticeship in the town this should be rather easy to get.

Tomb Raider

Find a place which was never meant to be found

For this you are going to need all the Old Coins you can get. You can find Old Coins lying around almost everywhere, so if you're explorative you'll probably amass a few. However if you're still short the Old Coins you need you can buy Old Coin Pouches from Roy at Sailor's Retreat (if he doesn't offer you any, you have to progress the story to a later chapter, at chapter 3 he sold some for me), Veit once he's back in the city again (by Helga's Inn) and other miscellanious traders within the city. Take 45 Old Coins to the Museum and you will get an „Old Sword“ in return. Now from the southmost part of the swamp swim along the shoreline to the west to find a smaller closed off part of the swamp, filled with swamp golems and sea sharks. A bit further in you will find a closed temple and an indent in which you can put the Old Sword. Once you do the Achievement will plop.

Old School

Beat a huge enemy by bringing it first to your weight class.

For this one you’re going to need a shrink spell and a troll. Then you do just like Diego and the nameless hero would do on Khorinis and defeat a shrunken troll. The reason this is not under „Easy Achievements“ is because from my knowledge the spell can only be bought from Chapter 3 onwards.

Bounty Hunter

Complete 6 bounties from wanted posters.

For this you have to find a notice board within the city, get a wanted poster, read it, find and defeat the bounty and cash in on the rewards either in the barracks (Oktav) or the merchant guild (Garos). There is one bounty in Chapter 1 that you can get only from village notice boards, and it is also not listed under the category "wanted poster" but under the normal notices, and you get the reward from Albyn. Despite it not showing under "wanted posters" it will count towards the Achievement. Note that if you can not find the bounty at the described place (the area in which they can be found is almost always written down on the poster itself), it might be that you have to be there at a certain time as well. The reason why this isn’t listed under „Easy Achievements“ is that the enemies of these bounties are rather challenging and you can first get it in Chapter 2 as there aren’t enough bounties before that.

Fight Club

Who needs a sword if fists are the deadliest weapons of all?

In the slums you will find an open warehouse, visit it by nightfall and you can participate in arena battles there. Some battles are fought with fists only while some are fought with weapons. Magic isn’t allowed so these fights can be rather tough. I recommend being at least level 20 for this, as even then the final battle (against the Nordmarian fighter) was able to kill me within two hits. For the boxing matches I recommend you use two boxer rings to increase your strength fourfold and drinking a regeneration potion before accepting the fight as it mostly outheals the damage you get during. After the first few fights take note of where your opponents will draw their weapon/fists and try standing behind them so that they first have to turn around before they can attack you. Especially during the tougher fights you have to use everything possible to win. And remember: Timed potions are allowed, magic is not!

Old Friends

Meet friends from your past adventures.

To get the achievement you have to speak to every person from previous Gothic games at least once, which will only be possible from Chapter 3 on. There’s Riordian the watermage novice and Stone the smith apprentice in Silbach, Kyle the ne’er-do-well at Bermar’s Farm, Nek the molerat-attractor at Rita’s Vineyard, Bloodwyn the protection money collector in the merchant guilds mine and Homer the slave carpenter at Scoundrel’s Haven.

Work, work and after work…

Finish your apprenticeship with one of the masters.

This achievement will only be obtainable from Chapter 4 onwards. You have to become apprentice with one of the 5 masters within the town of Archolos (which is first possible after becoming a citizen in Chapter 2) and complete every quest they give you. There are Odgar the blacksmith, Davis the carpenter, Frida the huntress, Hershlik the alchemist and Slager the butcher. It is recommended to check in with them every chapter to be sure not to miss any quests. It is also recommended to check in with them after the Achievement pops up, as some have special rewards for you. I recommend not choosing Slager, Davis or Hershlik as your first master as neither teach you anything you can't learn otherwise. Also note that your first apprenticeship will be the only one that you can level to the maximum (i. E. blacksmithing master, bowyer master, etc.) and the second apprenticeship will only let you level to Advanced. If you're unsure where to find the masters here's a map:


Pursue two trades.

After finishing your apprenticeship with one of the five masters, simply do the entrance quest for one of the other masters (assuming you haven’t done them already) and ask to be their apprentice. You do not have to do any follow up quests for the achievement to plop up. For a more detailed map of the masters' whereabouts scroll a bit further up to the Work, work and after work...-Achievement.

Missable Achievements (Chapter 1 - 3)

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It’s just the beginning (Chapter 1)

Complete all side activities on intro sequence ship

This one is fairly straight forward. Just talk to everyone on the ship in the intro sequence and do what they ask. Once the Achievement pops up you can talk to Jorn and continue the story.

For this you have to cook Rupert some food, get a pick lock spell from Urs and use it on the chest in the back, give Aske some grog and use his workshop to make an arrow/bolt, get the hint from Vazka to check the planks in the room with the chest, after that give her back her box and give Fabio a beer (or beat him up) and the Achievement should pop up. If it didn't, talk to everyone you haven't yet talked to.

Trojan Horse (Chapter 2)

Find a truly unconventional way to get into town.

Once you’re off to go to the town, you can start the quests that will get you into the city but you shouldn't finish them. Instead go down a path outside the west gate of the town and you will find a man named Salzer who is sitting next to an Innos shrine. He will ask you to find a wheel, which you are going to do without payment. Follow the path a bit further and on the lefthand side you will find a wheel next to a broken cart, however you can use any wheel from any broken cart you might've already found on the way. Once bringing the wheel back to Salzer you can accept his help to get into the city and once you're there the Achievement will pop up. This will not cancel the other quests that help you get into the city and you can finish them afterwards.

How will it be in Khorinis? (Chapter 2 - 5)

Create something that was meant to be a little joke.

For this you have to visit the Adanos Shrine in town and interrupt Kobus and his experiment. He will give you a quest to gather 8 pearls. These can be found in openable shells and auger shells as well as big and very fat fish. You can find everything you need at beaches or in the inventory of fishmongers. Once you’ve gotten every pearl, go back to Kobus, put the items in the water and let him do his experiment. Wait for about a minute or two (real time) and speak to him again. He will still be in his experimenting animation and it will not be clear when he’s actually done, so save before talking to him just to be sure. Once you’re done the achievement will plop up.

I’ve changed my mind (Chapter 2)

Prepare to join a guild and join another.

For this one you’re going to have to do all the quests for Ser Roderich in the barracks as well as Lorenzo in the merchant guild until both of them tell you that you’re ready to join. If you don’t want to play this game a second time make a save here! Join one of the guilds and the achievement will plop.

Father’s Will (Chapter 2 - 5)

Reconcile the disrupted Valerio brothers.

After getting Kurts money from the Valerio Vineyard during the quest "Gold Rush" one of Viktor’s men there will talk to you and tell you to speak to Bradlock. You will find him in front of Vikto’s house by the bathhouse in the town. He will give you temporary access to the Old Town to talk to one of the Valerio Brothers. After doing that go and visit the Vineyard, talk to the other brother and six nameless farmers. Once you’ve talked to them all talk to Old Liam until he gives you a quest and the will. With this will go to Venzel next to Matey and the Merchant Guild. He will give you a quest to get rid of a guard and some evidence. Go talk to Duster outside and make him go away. After that Venzel will fake the will, which will then only have to be approved by Matey right next door. Once he’s done bring the will back to Old Liam and the achievement will plop! Don’t forget to get your reward from Bradlock!

Fair Fight (Chapter 3)

What goes around comes around

This one although simple is easily missable. In Chapter 3 when you partake in the tournament in Scoundrel’s Haven the second fight of the first round – Otis – will cast a slowdown spell on you . Simply return that favour by casting the same spell on him as soon as you gain control back (you can pull out the spell early by pressing the corresponding button during dialogue to make things easier) and you will unlock this Achievement.

Arena Master (Chapter 3)

Prove that there is no greater warrior from you, even when everyone’s watching.

This one is easily missable as winning the tournament is no requirement to finishing this part of the main quest . The first round is relatively easy, at first you fight Larry and then Otis who slows you down. If you’ve done the Fair Fight Achievement defeating Otis is no problem . The second round Saul will offer you a potion, don’t take it as it makes the fight against him much harder. The first fight is Eileen, who will be harder than Saul – who you’ll fight right after - and very straightforward . The third round is a lot easier than the two before imho as you’ll fight an Orc and then a Sea Shark . And then in the final round you’ll fight Big Ben, who has a unique boss health bar . I defeated him easily by using an elixir of life enhancement and an elixir of skin hardening before entering the arena, casting slowdown on him as soon as the fight starts and then summoning a golem. Once Big Ben is defeated the Achievement will plop. If you ever find yourself not having enough health between fights within a round stand next to the gate you come out of and heal in peace as the fight only officially ends after talking to each defeated contestant.

Missable Achievements (Chapter 4)

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100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 125
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 126
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 127

Our house, in the middle of our street (Chapter 4)

Own a house.

For this Achievement you're going to need 1900 Gold, and since this quest is time sensitive make sure to have it by the time Chapter 4 starts!

At the end of Chapter 3 you can get the quest „Extreme Home Makeover“ by reading the specific note from the notice board. However the quest can only be progressed from Chapter 4 on. Go to the Old Town and visit the judge next to the house in question, he will give you a quest to copy a hangout 5 times. This quest is time sensitive and can be missed because the auction for the house only lasts for a few days. Give the handout to Venzel and copy it, hang it on the notice boards in question only for Marvin to find that Venzel made a mistake with the date in question. On the way you will find Kazeem , who will help you buy the house and sell it back to you. However you need to get him the right clothes (Rich Merchant Outfit at the Tailor’s store by the Marketplace for 400 Gold) and give him enough money to be able to buy the house for you (500 Gold) from then on you can relax as the quest will progress itself after two days. After the auction has ended you’re supposed to meet Kazeem at your new house, he will then sell you the house for 1000 Gold and the Achievement will plop.

Dances with Wolves (Chapter 4)

Gain trust of the most distrustful residents of the island.

In Chapter 4 you will get entrance to the Wolf’s Den . Here you will have to apparently only do two quests, them being "Wolf Skins" by Baes and "Night Sentry" by Arethe, which you will only get after your visit to the mine . I personally did all of the quests you can find here however and the Achievment popped up after finishing "Night Sentry".

Hidden Truth (Chapter 4)

Delve into the most disturbing recesses of human nature.

For this one you’re going to need to find a whole bunch of clues towards the truth of „The Beast“ people have been talking about all game . In Chapter 4 after killing minecrawlers and orcs for Ulryk and getting permission to enter the mine you will get the quest to finally fight the Beast by Ramsey right next to Ulryk . Do everything the quest tells you to until you get to Silbach. Once you’re in the tavern, decline the beer to find out that the „Big Guy“ doesn’t wanna talk to any of us, watch him stand up and leave. Once you’ve slept go through the northwest gate into the dark forest. Behind a giant fallen tree to your left you will find a bow and a quiver, Marvin will acknowledge this clue by saying „Hmmm“. Go northeast into the right „boob“ on the map (that area looks like two boobs on the map, sue me lol) and find a few Mana potions on the floor, Marvin – again – will exclaim a „Hmmm“. Go back to the path until you find a dead molerat and a dead scavenger, Marvin will comment it saying the Beast must’ve already been here. Then go southeast to a cave, examine the body of your dead hunter friend and look at the transformation scrolls to the right of the cave entrance, to which Marvin will say that the hunters were clearly using these to gain upperhand . Save before entering the cave (in case you eff up). Talk to Gerke and ask him what happened and if he saw the beast . You will hear a horn in the distance, follow the sound until you find the body of Allan . Check him for his wounds (for some reason you can only inspect one thing, the horn is insignificant to this achievement). If you’ve done everything right you should at this point have gathered enough clues already to later on get the achievement, but just to be sure keep following the guide to find more clues. Detlow will come and talk to you, in the dialogue about the cave ask him how you’re supposed to get up there, followed by asking about the reward. After defeating the beast the Achievement „The Beast“ will plop up (if you haven’t unlocked it already) . Talk to Detlow and question why the beast was wearing armor . Again follow the quest and go to Silbach and celebrate. Afterwards talk to Detlow and tell him that you need to tell everyone the truth and ask him what happened this morning and who might’ve put you down before the hunt . Don’t forget to talk to everyone to get extra XP and then make your way to the only orc encampment near the Beast in the forest west of Bermar’s Farm, where you will find a cage big enough to house the Beast of Archolos and Marvin will again comment this. That’s it, you have found every clue. Make your way to the Old town and enter the house opposite of the notice board by the jewelry shop, the one with the hunting trophies hung everywhere . There you will find Detlow , talk to him about the Beast and if you have found enough clues (you only need 6 of the 11) you will have the dialogue option „Too many things don’t fit here…“ available, which you’ll choose. During the dialogue the Achievement will then plop up.

The Beast (Chapter 4)

Defeat the Beast.

See „Hidden Truth“ a bit further up to get another missable achievement. During Chapter 4 after defeating minecrawlers and orcs for Ulryk and getting permission to enter the mine Ramsey will talk to you and offer you to join in on the hunt of the Beast that has been the talk of the island ever since you got here. Simply follow through with the quest and once the Beast is defeated this Achievement will plop up. This quest is technically missable if you don't talk to Ramsey in time.

Missable Achievements (Chapter 5 Part 1)

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100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 143
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 144
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 145
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 146
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 147

Wares under counter (Chapter 5)

Get rid of the Merchant Guild’s competition.

Warning: To get this Achievement you have to be part of the Merchant Guild and make sure to do every single quest Lorenzo and either Adelard or Garos (depending on if you’re a Mercenary or Tracker) give you, as you can be thrown out of the guild if you don’t cooperate with them enough. I’m not sure if how you do them matters, but if you’re playing for achievements, try doing them in the interest of Lorenzo! If you've done everything right you will then get the quest „Closing Business“ by Lorenzo in Chapter 5 and once you finish it the Achievement will plop up. This quest might not be obtainable or completable if you choose to enter another guild during the main quest of Chapter 5!

Traitors to the Crown (Chapter 5)

Solve the problem of the City Guard.

Warning: Just like with Wares under counter, you have to be part of the City Guard and make sure not to get thrown out of the guild. Simply complete every quest Roderich, Corum, Oktav, Winstan and Weigar (Weiger for Crossbowmen and Winstan for Swordmen) offer you, and finish them properly. If you've done everything right and are still part of the City Guard by Chapter 5 Roderich will give you the quest "Where is gold, there is trouble" and once you've completed that quest and got your reward from Roderich the Achievement will pop up. This quest might not be obtainable or completable if you choose to enter another guild during the main quest of Chapter 5!

Dethronement (Chapter 5)

Some should really know when to leave the stage… undefeated.

To get this quest you have to be part of either the Merchant Guild or the City Guard, so if you left the guild earlier this Achievement might be unobtainable. During Chapter 5 either Roderich or Lorenzo will randomly give you the mission to take on Cortez and his crew at Scoundrel’s Haven together with the guild you don't belong to. Once you’re done and have received your reward from either Roderich or Lorenzo this Achievement will pop up. This quest will only be available if you have done either of the two previous Achievements and waited a few days, so be sure not to further the main quest too far!

On his Majesty’s Service (Chapter 5)

Complete all missions of Royal Emissary.

At the end of Chapter 4 Grayson gives you the offer to work for him, once you make it to Chapter 5 you should accept it and finish the three quests „In Extreme Conditions“, „A ship in port is safe“ and „Orc Plague“ . Afterwards you will be welcomed to join the Royal Guard receive this Achievement and a new armor (that’s probably not nearly as good as the one you already own lol). Note that joining the Royal Guard will not count as leaving the guild you are already part of and getting this Achievement doesn't depend on which guild you went with.

Snatch the time (Chapter 5)

End the cooperation which did not bring you expected benefits.

Once you visit Vardhal fortress together with Riordian and Kessel , at some point Kessel will offer you to join the Ring of Water . Once he did he will tell you that first you must leave the guild you belong to, so you have to go to either Lorenzo or Roderich and hand in your resignation. As soon as that happens you will get the achievement. You can also get this Achievement a bit earlier, if your service was lackluster and you get thrown out of the guild.

Death looks good on you (Chapter 5)

Help someone leave this world without getting your hands dirty.

Warning: You can meet Fane as early as Chapter 1, just don't proceed to do his quest till Chapter 5!

You meet Fane in the misty marshes in a dug out grave and get the quest to end his „life“ . This achievement is easily missable if you decided to kill Fane yourself using magic or have already found 4 warriors during the „A job for tough guys“ quest in Chapter 5. To get this Achievement all you have to do is invite Fane to the expedition during you get the quest „A job for tough guys“ you get from Kessel and you’re golden. Travel back to Vardhal and once the events have unfolded the achievement will pop up.

Missable Achievements (Chapter 5 Part 2)

100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 168
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 169
100% Achievement Guide [ENG] image 170

Royal Escort (Chapter 5)

Lead four warriors in the service of the king to an adventure.

Warning: This Achievement is only obtainable if you went with the City Guard as your guild and have completed a few side quests previously!

During the quest "A job for tough guys" in Chapter 5, you have to choose these four people to join you on your expedition into Vardhal :

Arwid will join you after you've completed the City Guards story line. He can be found in the barracks.

Berto will join you if he survived the City Guards story line and can also be found in the barracks.

Lutz will only join after you've helped him restore his love with Martha in Chapter 3 and later on in Chapter 4 ruined their obviously toxic relationship once again . You can find him at the market place in town.

Candac will only join once you've helped him get to the ground of the strange golden innoses being sold outside the chapel (don't worry this quest doesn't have a good ending) and later on in Chapter 5 in the monestary of the water mages helped him regain his confidence . You can find him in the monestary of the water mages .

If you also want to get the Death Looks Good On You-Achievement, be sure to invite Fane to the expedition before getting all four of these people together.

Rainy day stash (Chapter 5)

Hearty provisions and good equipment are the essentials of every expedition.

Warning: This Achievement requires some preparation before reaching Chapter 5. Just help out wherever you can and revisit every place each chapter so you don't miss out on anything and you should be fine!

During the quest „Preparations for the expedition“ you will have to go to every person you ever helped and get a care package from them. You can get two from your artisan masters (Frida, Odgar, Davis, Hershlik and Slager) but I recommend you not go with Slager as one of them, as he gives you a care package anyways. Dima from the merchant guild will give you one if you’ve completed her quest with Sunder in Silbach . Ezekiel in Silbach will give you one if you’ve helped him bury his daughter and have him become a merchant . Viktor in Silbach will give you one if you haven’t told him about the orcs . Bastian will give you one as well if you’ve brought him wood and helped Otho or Rasco . Who ever owns Valerio’s Vineyard in your playthrough will give you the key to the chest in the back, holding another package. If you’ve helped Rita with Nek and the monsters around she’ll give you one as well. Then there’s Rupert in the City Guard Inn, if you went back to get Maiwen in Chapter 1. Knut the woodcutter will supposedly give you one as well, although I’ve helped him and brought him to work in the city for the royal emissary and he didn’t give me one. Helga the innkeeper in the harbor will give you one. Tengral the Fire Mage in the city will give you one if you did his quest with Paladin Runar and the follow-up quest to his liking . Zachary in Sailor’s Retreat will give you one if you cleared his quest involving goblin skeletons behind a closed door . If you keep Pablo alive during the merchant guild questline , he will help you as well. Apparently you only need 5 packages to get this achievement, but it can't hurt to get any more. To be sure save before entering Vardhals undergrounds , as the achievement will only plop up once everyone made it past the bridge .

Suicide Squad (Chapter 5)

We won’t save everyone, but it’s worth a try!

For this Achievement the four warriors you choose to join you on your expedition into Vardhals undergrounds have to survive. It is best to save before doing the quest "A job for tough guys", in case any of your choices (Cortez dies before the expedition even starts. You should also try to do everything you can by yourself, as we all know the Gothic AI can sometimes eff you over. There is one occasion where you have to take two of your warriors with you however and that is for the room with the pressure plates and the giant skeleton and in that case you should definitely supply your warriors with a few powerful healht potions. Also in case you take Havard with you, let him close off Vardhal for the future otherwise he will attack you.


And now you should have all the Achievements of Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos. If you've enjoyed my guide please don't forget to favourite it and give it a thumbs up as I've devoted a lot of my own free time to writing it! If there is any misinformation or something that is unclear feel free to comment below and let me know. I will then update the guide as soon as possible!

At this point I wanna thank the Chronicles of Myrtana team for providing us with such an amazing Gothic experience. Playing through this game/mod made me feel really nostalgic and like I was right at home, which is important especially during these trying times. What you guys created is wonderful and it makes me proud and happy to be a part of the undying Gothic community. Dziękuję!

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