How to play co-op multiplayer

How to play co-op multiplayer

Installing Co-op Mod

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1. Go to Github and download latest mod version:

2. Right-click the game in Steam and select "Browse Local Files"

3. Extract files from archive to game folder.

How To Play On The Same PC

Just plug multiple controllers and play. The controllers will be assigned to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th character respectively and will be able to control these characters.

How To Play Online

Using Steam Remote Play

The game does not support Steam Remote Play out of the box for obvious reasons, but it's possible to work around this limitation by using a third-party application like RemotePlayWhatever[] .

If you follow the instructions, you should be able to send an invite link to your buddies and get a multiplayer session started.

Using Parsec

You can play online using Parsec[] (and possibly other apps that support Steam Input.)

When using Parsec, it is advised that you switch the virtual gamepads to DualShock 4, otherwise the other players' gamepads might be detected twice.

On the host machine, go to the host settings and switch the Virtual Gamepad Type from "Xbox 360" to "DualShock 4" and restart Parsec using the prompt at the top.

You might also have to turn Approved Apps off and have Parsec run on the Desktop, too.

Known Issues

- You can currently only use Manual and Semi-Auto modes, and these can not be set per player.

- P2-P4 cannot use the menu to cast their own spells.

- Not an issue per se, but note that during tutorial fights, multiplayer will be temporarily disabled.

No critical issues known at this time.

For a complete list, see issues[]

Please comment or add new issues if you encounter any that haven't been reported yet.

Troubleshooting And More Information

You can get more information from mod page on Nexus:

Or from Github page:



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