[ GUIDE ] Groundbait - How does it work?

[ GUIDE ] Groundbait - How does it work?


When throwing the ground bait hits the water surface and gives off particles to the bottom. It makes sense to throw several balls to increase the effect. In this method, one can either cover a larger area by scattering the mixtures or increase the attraction by throwing it repeatedly on the same area.

Feeding Baskets:

In principle, they act like thrown ground baits. Through the respective basket, however, the particles are delivered at different speeds. The distribution differs depending on the basket. The more groundbait that fits in the basket, the greater the concentration of particles and the greater the attraction. Please pay attention to the description of the individual feed baskets because of the delivery and the quantity.

Rocket Feeder:

Also acts like thrown groundbait . The balls simultaneously fired with the rocket feeder have the same attraction as a corresponding number of individually thrown balls. The advantage of the rocket, however, is that you can throw quite a few balls of groundbait in exactly the same place and thus significantly increase the attraction there, while individually thrown balls always scatter within a certain radius.

PVA Net:

This lure is a special kind. It spreads a kind of "feed carpet" on the ground.

Spod Rods:

These rods are a great way to get feeder rockets with multiple portions of groundbait simultaneously to the spots you want to fish. By clipping, you can adjust the ejection distance to the fishing rods and thus optimally offer the food. Because there is a larger amount of groundbait, there is a greater attraction.

Special Features

The addition of clay can slow down the delivery of the feed particles. Especially in flowing waters it has advantages, since otherwise the mixture would be washed away too fast and the attractant would no longer be in place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Do mixtures in feeder baskets affect other rods?Yes, if the bait is within the working area of the filled feeder basket, the mixture also affects the other rod.

PVA nets also affect other rods when their baits are in the attraction area.

For example:

I throw a rod with PVA net in one place. Since the particles from the net also rise, I can fish with a float rod in this area and thus benefit with this rod from the PVA net.

Do I have to put a new mixture in the feeder basket each time?The effect of an already applied mixtures lasts for some time, depending on the circumstances (eg water flow, etc.).

In theory, you do not have to add a new mixture immediately when the basket is empty, but it is of course quite difficult to hit the same spot with the bait exactly as before. So we recommend filling the feeder on each cast.

How long do the mixtures work?The maximum duration of effect is specified for each stack.

What is the radius of the sphere of action of the groundbait? Each groundbait ball has a radius of impact of 2.5 m.

What is the radius of the PVA net?The PVA net also has 2.5 m effective radius

Do the different stars in the ingredients affect the mixture?Yes. Take as an example cheese:

You can use the processed cheese (1 star), or the loaf of cheese (4 stars).

The loaf has over the processed cheese a more intense taste and thus has a better attraction than the processed cheese.

Do the different methods add up?Yes. For example, if you use Feed Basket + PVA Net + Feed Rocket, you have far greater chances of attracting fish than just one of these methods (the mixes add up to a certain maximum).


In the following sketches, the black circles represent the respective areas of effect of the mixtures,

black lines represent basic rods, and the orange line is intended to represent a float rod.

In the following picture, the baits are far apart, the individual spheres of influence have no influence on each other.

Here, the rods were ejected quite close, the impact areas are superimposed:

In this example, the angler uses the area of effect of a basic rod for his float rod:

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