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Name: effect, [tags], [conjuration flag]

Shrines boost base values, not upgraded ones/etc. Shrines can only be applied if the stat they boost is present on the base spell. "Conjuration-only" means shrine can be applied only to conjuration spells. "No-conjuration" means shrine can only be applied to non-conjuration spells UNLESS the spell is also a sorcery.

Calling Shrine: +50% Num summons, +3 minion duration, conjuration-only

Life Shrine: Heal for 5 * spell level hp on spellcast, Nature & Holy (doesn't appear ingame)

Otherworldly Shrine: Redeal 50% of Arcane as Holy and 50% as Dark, Arcane, no-conjuration

Red Flame Shrine: +50% damage, +1 radius, +15% max charges, Fire

Storm Cloud Shrine: If enemy in thunderstorm of blizzard, redeal 75% of damage as Lightning and Ice, Lightning & Ice

Oaken Shrine: +25% minion hp, +10% minion damage, +50% physical and holy resist for minion, Holy & Nature, conjuration-only

Afterlife Shrine: +1 Reincarnation for minion, conjuration-only

Stillness Shrine: +100% duration, Ice & Arcane, no-conjuration

Frozen Skull Shrine: +20% damage, freeze 4 enemies on kill for 2 turns, Dark & Ice, no-conjuration

Nightmare Shrine: Redeal 50% of Arcane as Dark and 50% of Dark as Arcane, Dark & Arcane, no-conjuration

Thunder Shrine: +20% damage, Stuns damaged enemies and enemies adjacent to them, Lightning, no-conjuration

Burning Shrine: Enemy that takes damage re-takes that damage at the end of its next turn, Fire, no-conjuration

Cruel Shrine: Whenever spell or minion deals damage, apply that many Poison, Dark

Torment Shrine: +50% damage, +2 max charges, Dark

Mystic Shrine: +3 Range, +50% max charges

Icy Shrine: +40% damage, +3 duration, Ice

White Candle Shrine: Minion gains holy or fire bolt attack with damage equal to minion damage (minimum 1), range 4, cooldown 2, Fire & Holy

Frostfire Shrine: Redeal 50% of Ice as Fire and 50% of Fire as Ice, Fire & Ice, no-conjuration

Fae Shrine: Minions gain passive random short range teleport and healing bolt which heals for 2 + spell's level, range 4, cooldown 3, Nature & Arcane, conjuration-only

Enveloping Shrine: Radius +2

Memory Shrine: Max charges +100%

Life Shrine: Minions gain 4 regen, Nature & Holy, conjuration-only

Tundra Shrine: Minion gains +50% ice resist and a ranged attack which deals ice damage equal to minion's damage, has range of spell's level + 1 and a cooldown of 4, Ice & Nature, conjuration-only

Swamp Shrine: Minions gain +100% poison resist and a passive poison aura which deals 2 poison damage in spell's level + 1 radius, Nature & Dark, conjuration-only

Black Sky Shrine: +60% damage, +30% max charges, +2 range, Lightning & Dark

Frozen Shrine: Damage from spell or minions freezes for 2 turns, Ice

Angelic Shrine: +7 minion duration, +7 minion damage, +7 minion health, +1 max charges, Holy, conjuration-only

Demonbane Shrine: Gain +1 charge whenever used to kill a demon, Holy & Fire & Lightning, no-conjuration

Crackling Shrine: Redeal 50% of Lightning as Fire and 50% of Fire as Lightning, Fire & Lightning, no-conjuration

Sandstone Shrine: +75% minion hp, minions gain +50% physical and fire resist, Nature & Fire, conjuration-only

Charred Bone Shrine: Minion deals 50% of its hp as fire on death to 4 random enemies in 4 radius, Fire & Dark, conjuration-only

Red Star Shrine: Spell or minion damage dealt to arcane, dark or fire units is redealt as Holy damage, Fire & Arcane

Blue Sky Shrine: Minion gains 100 lightning resist, 2 regeneration and flying, Nature & Lightning, conjuration-only

Energy Shrine: Gani 1 SH on kill, Arcane & Lightning, no-conjuration

Soulpower Shrine: Killing a living or demon unit grants a stacking +4 global damage buff for 10 turns, Dark & Holy, no-conjuration

Grove Shrine: +50% duration, +50% minion duration, +2 range, +50% max charges, Nature

Bright Shrine: Blinds damaged targets for 3 turns, Holy & Lightning, no-conjuration

Protection Shrine: Minions from spells gain 1 shield if multiple minions or equal to spell lvl if single minion, Arcane & Holy & Nature, conjuration-only

Grey Bone Shrine: Minions split into 4 bone shamblers on death. Bone shamblers have 1/4 of the hp of the minion, conjuration-only

Stoning Shrine: On kill or on minion kill, petrify 2 random enemies in LoS for 3 turns, Arcane & Holy & Dark

Berserk Shrine: Damaged enemies go berserk for 1 turn, Fire & Lightning & Nature, no-conjuration

Farsight Shrine: +75% range, Sorcery

Dragon Heart Shrine: +2 minion range, +10 breath damage, +50% minion hp, Dragon

Entropy Shrine: Damaging enemies gives them -25% dark & arcane resist for 10 turns, not stacking, Lightning, no-conjuration

Enervation Shrine: Damaging enemies gives them -25% fire, lightning and ice resist for 10 turns, not stacking, Arcane, no-conjuration

Imp Shrine: Spawn chaos imps equal to spell's level around target on cast, Chaos

Wyrmbrood Shrine: Casting the last charge of spell spawns either a fire or ice wyrm egg, Nature & Fire & Dragon

Boon Shrine: Random minion replicates a self-targeted enchantment spell on cast, Enchantment

Sniper Shrine: +100% minion range

Toxic Agony Shrine: Upon dealing spell or minion damage to a poisoned target, deal that much damage to 4 random enemies in radius 5 as lightning, Nature & Lightning

Bone Spliter Shrine: Killing a living or undead unit deals physical damage equal to 50% of killed unit's max hp in a 3 radius burst, Dark & Fire

Haunting Shrine: For each 15 damage dealt, summon a ghost near target for 8 turns, Holy & Dark

Sword Shrine: +75% damage

Dagger Shrine: +7 damage

Claw Shrine: +75% minion damage

Vigor Shrine: +80% minion hp

Shell Shrine: +10 minion hp

Propagation Shrine: +50% cascade range, +50% number of targets

Butterfly Wing Shrine: For each 50 spell or minion damage, summon a butterfly demon near the target for 5 turns, Dark & Nature & Arcane & Lightning

Gold Skull Shrine: Casting last charge of the spell summons a Gold skull near the target, Holy & Dark

Furnace Shrine: For each 100 spell or minion damage, summon a furnace hound near target, Fire & Dark

Heavenstrike Shrine: On kill, deal 18 holy damage to closest enemy in los of the killed unit, Lightning & Holy, no-conjuration

Stormcharge Shrine: For each 15 spell or minion damage, deal 9 ice or lightning damage to a random enemy, Ice & Lightning

Disintegration Shrine: For each 30 spell damage, deal 1 arcane or physical damage to every enemy, Arcane & Lightning & Dark

Alchemist Shrine: Gain 1 charge on using a consumable

Warped Shrine: Deal 11 Arcane damage to targets in 4 radius on jump and arrival of teleports, Translocation

Troubler Shrine: Summon troublers equal to spell's level in the initial location on casting a teleport, Translocation

Sphere Shrine: +2 max charges, +4 range, +9 minion health, Orb

Fire Claw Shrine: Redeal physical minion damage as fire damage, Nature & Dragon, conjuration-only

Ice Claw Shrine: Redeal physical minion damage as ice damage, Nature & Dragon, conjuration-only

Faewitch Shrine: On killing a unit with at least 1 debuff, summon a Faewitch for 7 turns, Arcane & Dark, no-conjuration

Bomber Shrine: On kill, summon a fire or void bomber at the killed unit's location, Fire & Arcane, no-conjuration

Sorcery Shield Shrine: On damage, gain +100% resistance to that damage type for 3 turns, Sorcery

Frost Faery Shrine: For each 33 spell or minion damage, summon an Ice Faery for 11 turns near the target, Arcane & Ice

Essence Shrine: On kill, all temporary allies gain +1 duration, Dark & Arcane & Lightning, no-conjuration

Chaos Relay Shrine: henever this spell or a minion it summoned deals damage to an allied unit, redeal that damage to all enemy units in a 4 radius, Fire & Lightning & Chaos

Elemental Harvest Shrine: 10% chance to gain 1 charge when a fire, lightning or ice unit dies. 30% if the killing damage type was fire, lightning or ice, Fire & Lightning & Ice


Elemental Harvest Shrine: 10% chance to gain 1 charge when a fire, lightning or ice unit dies. 30% if the killing damage type was fire, lightning or ice, Fire & Lightning & Ice

Icy Spriggan Shrine: On cast, summon an Ice spriggan at target, Nature & Ice

Sunlight Shrine: Damaging an enemy heal all allied units in LoS of that enemy for half the damage, Nature & Fire & Holy, no-conjuration

Searing Shrine: Redeal half of spell damage to random enemy in LoS of original target, Fire & Holy

Chaos Quill Shrine: On killing a lightning or fire unit, summon a living scroll of lightning or fire at that location. On casting last charge, summon a Chaos Quill for 36 turns, Chaos & Fire & Lightning

Firefly Shrine: On kill, summon 2 Firefly swarms that last 20 turns near yourself, Nature & Fire & Dark

Cauterizing Shrine: Damage causes enemy to lose equal max hp, Dark & Fire

Deathchill Chimera Shrine: For each 70 spell or minion damage, summon a Deathchill chimera near target, Ice & Dark

Bloodrage Shrine: On kill, all allies in LoS of killed unit gain +3 damage for 5 turns, Nature & Chaos & Dark

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