Ultimate Forest Coliseum Lv99 Guide: Hacking is the Best Mechanic Edition.


This coliseum is the easiest of the 3 if you use this guide to clear it. Other machines can clear it with more difficulty, but most machines that can clear it have some things in common.

An evade that can cancel attack animations.

High HP values or high mobility. (To survive or evade Masamune's ground shockwaves)

High damage.

The ones I've seen do it so far are Small Stubby with Fisticuffs, Reverse Jointed Goliath, Small Flyer with Gun, Spider Machine with Gun, and Spider Machine with Blade. I'm sure there's more.

Originally posted by Small Stubby:WILL YOU USE MY BODY... NINES-SENPAI?

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Flooded City

Clear Condition

Kill All Enemies in the 6 Waves within 10 minutes.

Chip Preparation

Enemy Data - Allows you to see your health and enemy health

Roboto Selection

Small Stubby with Saw

If you do not have this robot, you will need to track one down and remote control it with 9S's hacking.

Controls of Interest:

Pod Program - Saw Charge

Shoot Pod - Long Punch

Evade - Evade Backwards

Waves And Strategy

A companion video to visualize the strategy is available here.

(Medium Biped Lancer with Shield and Medium Biped Fisticuffs with Volt Shield):

Volt shield can be taken off without getting hit if you hit it from the side of your hitbox. Do not charge it head on. You want to come out of this with 75%+ hp.

(5 Small Biped Fisticuff):

Saw charge into them. They die easily. Kill last one near spawn for next wave.

(Reverse Jointed Goliath and Spider Machine with Blades):

Immediately saw charge the Reverse Jointed Goliath. Spider Machine cannot be saw charged due to hitboxes so you will need to Long Punch it to death. Get both of you near the edge of the arena and try to make it attack into your Long Punch hitbox by dodging an attack to side the punching while it tries to ready the next attack. You need 2 Long Punches to kill it. You want to come out of this with 60%+ hp.


Position in center of room. Saw Charge the treads.

(2 Medium Biped Shooters, Medium Biped Axe, and Medium Biped Blade with Volt Shield):

Position off to one side and immediately Saw Charge one of the Medium Biped Shooters. Dodge around to saw charge the Medium Biped Axe and the other Medium Biped Shooter. Use the same strategy as the first Volt Shield machine on this one. If you have more than 40% hp you win.

(ぼく わMasamune!!!):

Position near his spawn point. Saw charge him. If in melee range he should just do a melee attack which does 30% hp dmg. A 2nd saw charge will finish him.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928413148					

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