Converting save file with Hex Editor

Getting Ready

Before we do this operation first meet these conditions

Download HxD (that's obvious)

Make a backup of your save file (just in case). Besides, save files are located in Documents/My Games/NieR_Automata, you can copy the whole folder. After copying it just to be more sure you can delete original save files (not the copied ones)

After doing it all start a new game, create new profile, name it somehow and you can already leave the game

Modifying Files With Hex Editor

Now follow these steps:

With Hex Editor open your original save file and a new one from Steam version (save location is the same)

Don't worry, you can have many files open

Now copy the first 12 bytes from Steam save (image below)

And paste them to the same place in your old save

These must be replaced

Now save your old modified file (you can make additional backup if you want to because HxD asks you for it) and copy and paste it to your save folder in Documents\My Games\NieR_Automata

And Done

This save can continue in Steam version

You can cry now playing this game on Steam


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