Should you Buy this game????

Should you Buy this game????

The Flat Out Answer: YES You Should.

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How Do I Define This Game?

This is an endless dungeon crawler



Min Max Everything


Endless Build possibilities

Rogue LITE

This game is more fun than I have had in ANY game in the past 2 years.

When i look at any of the negative reviews I am astonished but not surprised and this is why.

For the past 3 years I have been hard pressed on giving almost any game a full try as i am unwilling to hit that 2 hour mark. I have been let down by countless Early Access games, some have even been abandoned!

I have seen nothing less than daily if not hour by hour fixes patches as they come in.

If any game could be defined as a TRUE GEM of a game, then this is the one.

The one and only thing that almost made me NEVER want to buy this game was seeing the tag ROGUE X... I despise Rogue like, Lite what ever games. The Rogue X in this game is very minimal and can be overcome by soul binding your gear as you go. Also as you progress you will have so many soul stones that dying is NO Longer an issue making Rogue X irrelevant.

Let my game hours speak for it self. I do not play most games for more than 30ish hours and very rarely do i pass the 150 hour mark before I am Bored to death. I can honestly say that I do not see any end in sight regarding hours to be played going forward. I see 1000's of hours still remaining here.

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