Marry a girl using female character

Step By Step

After you created your female character and met the girl you want to marry at the feast, save your game and do these:

1) search and download MnBSaveGameEditor v1_03.exe(do not worry this application is clean)

2) open your savegame with it, using "import new save".

3) maximize the loaded dialog box for easier editing after the save is loaded

4) expand #global_variables

5) scroll down 10 or 11 times to find "character_gender" (without the quotes)

6) male character is 0, female is 1, so to marry a woman, you need to set it to 0

7) after that export your save to overwrite the old one.

8) after you loaded the game, immediately tell the girl the you admire her to start courtship.

9) after you started courting her, you can change back to female using the method above.

That is all. Remember to upvote if this helps.

Edit: I wish to thank a particularly helpful individual in this game's forums, the guy's name is called Sam, in case he changes his name. If he is around for your questions you would be glad.


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