Make Money


I always found how sometimes it was so hard to earn money (denars) in the early to mid game so in this guide I am going to be talking about different effective ways to make lots of CA$H. Later on making money becomes really easy as you will have fiefs and enterprises to tax/tariff or earn from, which will allow you to focus ALOT less on finances. But you have to start somewhere, so let's get started with this guide.


This is a beginning-mid game way of earning money as bandits become scared of you at the point when you have a bigger party. Bandits are like the little fire ants in your backyard. They are a fun and exciting challenge in the beginning. But the one moment you are weak they ambush you and take you prisoner, so you rage at the game and scream "Not Fair!" or "My troops fight like idiots! I would have won if I had upgraded them before the battle!" That is why you don't want to start out in the Vaegir or Nord kingdoms. Because they have the strongest bandit enemy in the game. Sea Raiders. First your going to want to go to a few surrounding villages and recruit some volenteers. And maybe do a mission or two to get relation up with a village. After that find a bandit party. If you can't find any, start looking around for their camps, or start going into villages where bandits "occupy" it. Once you find them, battle it and win. Use tactics like putting your archers/crossbowmen up on a hill and putting your infantry at the foot of the hill, or you can have troops that use blunt weapons, such as manhunters or equip your heroes with them so you can knock the thieves upside the head and take them to a ransom broker to get money. This also works with "professional" soldiers, like the King's army and the lord's armies. Then you want to loot all of their items you can. Then go to your nearest town and sell anything that wouldn't be an upgrade for you.

Enterprises And Trading

This is a more mid-late game method as you will be fighting bandits for most of the beginning. But an enterprise is a steady income. And a steady income is good, really good. In Calradia merchants make money through trading and enterprises, enterprises are basically a business that you own and can (but don't have to) operate on your own. First get a good reputiation with the town and then get about 2,500 (minimum) to 10,000 (maximum) denars saved up. Then find the guild master ("Take a walk around town" option in town menu) After you find him tell him "I want to establish and enterprise" Then he will say what kind. And you will say which kind gives you the most denars per week. I personally would go with turning dye into velvet since it pays the most with a healthy economy. Another way to earn moneys if through actually trading. You can do this by going to the market place and clicking "Find prices" or whatever it is called at the bottom of the menu. Make sure your trader skill is atleast three or four or it will be almost worthless. Then the game will make you wait a few hours (depending on your trade skill) After that a screen will pop up showing a list of products with this formula. X profit can be made by buying Y here and selling it at Z.

Taxes And Tariffs

This is a much Later method of gaining denars as you probably won't get a fief until you have a banner and high relation with a king. Taxes are collected per week depending on the prosperity of the village or town. If the village is raided alot, then the prosperity will be very low. If the villages around the town are raided alot then the prosperity of the town will be low. So invest in a messanger post or two, to use as an early warning for you to get your but over and scare, or fight the lord raiding it. Then depending on the prosperity of trade in that area the higher or lower the tariff will be. Overall protect your villages! Protect you vassals villages too!


There is also another way to make money besides selling bandit gear you know! There are many quests that give you gold as a reward, or sometimes a fief owner (king or lord) will give you the task of collecting the taxes of a town (or village i think) But be sure of your combat skills because sometimes they will rise up if your party is small. Then you will come with a choice, you will either choose to lower the rate you are depriving the poor of, or you continue but risk a revolt of the townspeople. But if you lower the rate at which you tax them, the lord WILL get mad and you lose a LOT of relations. Or you can just take the tax money and go into hiding, the lord won't attack you or anything. He will just be really pissed off. :P


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