A Lazy Guide to Lazy Galaxy 2


After clicking any asteroid you get the following modifier:

Reconfiguring scanners

Scanners are being reconfigured.

Chance to find Strange Asteroids reduced to (???)%.

Dev remark:

Scanner reconfiguration scales the chance from 0x to 1x linearly until it wears off.

Basic AsteroidsMetallic Asteroid

Gives a large quantity of Metal instantaneously.Calamitous Asteroid

(???)✕ Asteroid Rewards for 30s

Advanced AsteroidsSparking Asteroid

(???)✕ Production per overcapped energy for 1m.Researcher's Asteroid

+(???)% All Production per Upgrade bought for 10s.

Candy Unlocks

AFK branchOvertime

Cost: 25 Candy

+20% Offline ProductionNight shifts

Cost: 1K Candy

+20% Offline ProductionWorkaholism

Cost: 5K Candy

+20% Offline ProductionLabour monopsony

Cost: 25K Candy

+20% Offline ProductionFull automation

Cost: 100K Candy

+20% Offline Production

Discount branchTranscendental memory

Cost: 250 Candy

+25% Discount on upgrades that you've bought in previous AscensionsReverse loyalty cards

Cost: 50K Candy

+30% Discount on Guild upgrades if you've chosen a different Guild than in your last Ascension

Synergy branchSynergies

Cost: 10 Candy

Enables Basic SynergiesReplicators

Cost: 250 Candy

Unlocks the Replicator buildingAdvanced Synergies

Cost: 5K Candy

Enables Advanced SynergiesLegendary Synergies

Cost: 500K Candy

Enables Legendary Synergies

Matter branchAscended matter

Cost: 500 Candy

+8 Base Metal from AsteroidsSugar rush

Cost: 2.5K Candy

+100% Candy EffectKeyboard mining

Cost: 10M Candy

Enables you to destroy asteroids with the Q, W, E, R, H, J, K and L keys. Strange Asteroids do not appear while mining this way.Keyboard Strange Asteroids

Cost: 1B Candy

Allows Strange Asteroids to appear while mining asteroids with keyboard keys, at 0.25% of the usual rate.

Cooking branchCulinary Delights

Cost: 100 Candy

Allows you to collect cooking ingredients from conquests, which grant various bonuses and can be used for cooking.Cooking

Cost: 1K Candy

Enables cooking.Sugar rush

Cost: 2.5K Candy

+100% Candy EffectAdvanced Recipes

Cost: 100K Candy

Enables cooking advanced recipesGourmet Recipes

Cost: 10M Candy

Enables cooking gourmet recipes

Conquest branchExplosive ascensions

Cost: 25K Candy

Start Ascensions with the closest planet almost fully conquered.


IngredientEffectSparkling Milk+0.5% Ship DamageShapeshifter Fruit+2% Academy ProductionNot Not Butter+2% Ship HealingHot Egg+1 Base EnergyFluorine Flour+10% Fuel Pump ProductionStrange MeatIncreases Strange Asteroid Potency by 0.1 Scanner levelsO'xelg Sugar+0.5% Candy EffectWater+20% Metal Mine Production


2 Quantum Dough1 Nice Ice Cream1 Quantum Dough1 Quantum Dough1 Stygian Chocolate1 Paradox Cheese1 Nuclear Pasta1 Creepy Crepes1 Nice Ice Cream1Quantum Dough1 Paradox Cheese1 Stygian Chocolate1 Paradox Cheese2 Otherwordly Cookies1 Nice Ice Cream1 Special Ice Crepes1 Apocalypse Marshmallows1 Kinetic Brownies1 Ration Bread1 Paradox Cheese

Basic RecipesRecipeEffectIngredientsNuclear Pasta+10% Ship Health2 Hot Eggs

1 Fluorine FlourQuantum Dough+10% Resource Production (excluding energy)1 Fluorine Flour

1 O'xelg Sugar

1 WaterCryogenic Lemonade+30% Fuel Production1 Shapeshifter Fruit

1 O'xelg Sugar

1 WaterNice Ice Cream+5% Ship Healing1 Not Not Butter

1 Sparkling Milk

1 O'xelg SugarParadox Cheese25% plover damage1 Not Not Butter

2 Sparkling MilkGratis Omelette+10% Tortoise Health2 Hot Eggs

1 Not Not ButterQuark Soup+50% Metal Production1 Strange Meat

1 Water

1 Shapeshifter FruitStygian Chocolate+20% Wasp Damage1 Not Not Butter

1 O'xelg Sugar

1 Shapeshifter FruitApocalypse Marshmallows+10% Plover Health1 Hot Egg

1 O'xelg Sugar

1 WaterCreepy Crepes+5% Ship Damage1 Hot Egg

1 Fluorine Flour

1 Sparkling Milk

Advanced RecipesRecipeEffectIngredientsRation Bread+25% Gecko Damage

+25% Porcupine Damage

+25% Salamander Damage

1 Fluorine FlourPerpetual Milkshake+20% Particle Generator Production

+50% Hydrogen Generator Production

+50% Asteroid Harvester Production

1 Shapeshifter Fruit

1 Sparkling MilkDeceptive Cake+200% Metal Production

1 Not Not Butter

1 Shapeshifter FruitOtherworldly Cookies+30% Asteroid Rewards

1 Not Not Butter

Starburst Cheese Soup+100% Combat Experience1 Quark Soup

1 Sparkling MilkOmniscient Ramen+150% Academy Production

1 Water

1 Strange MeatSpecial Ice Crepes+50% Drone Health

+40% Wolf Damage

1 Shapeshifter Fruit

Pizza of ChaosIncreases Strange Asteroid Potency by 2 Scanner levels

1 Strange Meat

Kinetic Brownies+25 Base Energy

1 Hot Egg

1 Not Not ButterGaseous Egg Casserole+150% Fuel Production1 Strange Meat

1 Hot Egg

Gourmet RecipesRecipeEffectIngredientsSacred Ice Cream Sandwhich+300% Asteroid Harvester Production

+100% Asteroid Rewards

+0.1% Chance of finding Strange Asteroids

Halcyon Dessert+50% most Synergy Bonuses

+50% Candy Gained

Eldritch Burger+500% Metal Mine Production

+500% Academy Production

+500% Fuel Pump Production

+25% Solar Panel Production

1 Strange Meat

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2566908110					

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