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Synergy Ascension Upgrade Costs

Image Upgrade Cost Flavor Text Synergies 10 Candy "Teach an O'xelg architecture, and they'll build a city. Teach an O'xelg Infrastructure, and they'll build paradise." - O'xelg Guide to Infrastructure, chapter III Advanced Synergies 5k Candy "Everything can be analysed as part of the greater Whole." - O'xelg Guide to Infrastructure, chapter VI Legendary Synergies 500k Candy "Those who consider every variable, every moving part of a choice, possess godlike genius." - O'xelg Guide to Infrastructure, chapter IX

Basic Synergies

Image Name Description Tunnel System Metal Mines gain 1.2x production per every other Metal Mine connected to it in the same chunk. Efficient Grid Solar Panels gain 1.1x production for each Solar Panel that has no other Solar Panel nearby. Laser Drills Metal Mines gain 1.1x production per Asteroid Harvester. Solar Extraction Solar Panels gain 1.15x production per Fusion Reactor. Debris Mining Asteroid Harvesters gain 1.1x production per Metal Mine. Photochemistry Fusin Reactors gain 1.05x production per Solar Panel.

Advanced Synergies

Image Name Description Fuel Generating Fuel Pumps gain 1.25x production per Hydrogen Generator. Hydrogen Pumping Hydrogen Generators gain 1.25x production per Fuel Pump. OSD Academies gain 1.5x if the level of all your buildings (excluding Research Lab) are a multiple of 5. Unlucky Luck +1.3% Strange Asteroid chance if your building count is multiplier of 13. Fracking Fuel Pumps gain 1.2x production per nearby Metal Mine in the same chunk. Nuclear Physics Academies gain 1.3x production for every adjacent Fusion Reactor. No Competition Fusin Reactors gain 1.75x production if there is no other Fusin Reactor built. Territorial Harvesting Asteroid Harvesters gain 1.4x production if there are no other Asteroid Harvesters in the same chunk.

Legendary Synergies

Image Name Description Reduced Blackouts Solar Panels and Fusion Reactors gain 1.5x production if no nearby buildings are higher level than this one. Forbidden Knowledge Academies gain 2.5x production if no other buildings are nearby. Sunlight Access Solar Panels gain 1.5x production if no obstacles are nearby. Recurrent Production Replicators gain 1.1x production if there is another Replicator nearby. Undisturbed Research Research Labs grant 1.5x All Production if no buildings on its chunk produce resources or energy. Synchronized Production Metal Mines gain 1.4x production if all Metal Mines are the same level. Management Administrative Chambers grant 1.2x production to the selected resource if there is an adjacent building producing it. Fractal Matter Particle Generators gain 2x production if all nearby building spaces have metal production buildings. Spectroscopy Strange Asteroid cooldown reduced by 60 seconds if there are at least 3 Academies.


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