How to put dinosaurs into the aviary!

How To Actually Do It

1. Place an aviarydome, an arrival point, a hatchery and an aviary hatchery,

2. connect all of them with paths from arrival point

3. go into aviary hatchery and select filter, then select "new"

4. go into the regular hatchery and select the dinosaur you want.

5. click "begin task" or aka just start making the dinosaur, once the eggs are finished, DO NOT select the eggs, instead, go to aviary hatchery, and to the side you should see the name of the dinosaur you selected in the normal hatchery, then click begin task, and it should make the dinosaur in the aviary hatchery, then release it, AND BOOM!

(the animation where it goes out of the hatchery might be a bit glitchy but the dinosaurs still work flawlessy atleast for me.)

This should work with every dinosaur, but im not 100% sure

also please do not fix this glitch its really fun putting dinosaurs in there, lol

also this guide is kinda lazy i know, i was gonna put pictures and stuff but i didnt have the energy for it and i thought this was better than nothing

have a good day and good luck!


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