how to become Owen Grady (spoilers for dominion)

Step 1

get a job at Jurrasic World and Train Raptors

Step 2

Chase down a indominus rex with those raptors

Step 3

go back to mainland

Step 4

with claire go and adopt chairlot because you found her

Step 5

make a cabin and fail to take good care of chairlot

Step 6

have poachers take chairlot

Step 7

go to a desert city place and fight a pack of trained atrocitaptors and then go to biosyn sanctuary get attacked bye a big birb try to scare a pyro-raptor with a knife and then just run and watch fire locusts the size of birds fly in the sky making the entire forest on fire and then escape from a giganotosaurus

Step 8

never on camera admit you love claire


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