Guide to your park's success

Guide to your park's success


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In Jurassic World Evolution 2, your park's rating is decided by it's income. In order to get high income you need high appeal dinosaurs, comfortable guests and perfect weather. Anyway let's get into this.

High Income

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High income decides your park's income but there are many ways to have high income.

Example 1:

Appeal can be viewed in hatcherys btw. High appeal dinosaurs are what the guests want to see, the one in a life time not the small ones. Dinosaurs such as large carnivores and herbivores bring in the most appeal. Flying reptiles also bring in lots of appeal but if you want the most appeal aim for Hybrids or Aquatic. Certain buildings also increase appeal (Innovations centre +250)

Example 2:

Happy guests, happy park. This might not seem important in a game about dinosaurs but guests play a main roll. High restroom, shelter, accommodations and transport ratings are key in park building. These 4 types of buildings keep guest comforts high while amenitys slightly increase guest comfort and are main contributors to park income.

High Appeal

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A park is not completed without high appeal dinosaurs. Large carnivores like T-Rex or Giga bring in large amounts of appeal while large sauropods like Brachiosaurus can also be a major source of appeal. As previously mentioned aquatic dinos are op when it comes to appeal so I would suggest investing in them if you have enough money. It is also important to keep dinosaur visibility high since it contributes towards guest comfort types and profit (Also no visibility=no success).

Perfect Weather

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Weather is a large part in JWE 2. A storm can destroy a park if not prepared for correctly. An example of this is the Jurassic World Chaos theory, easy on it's own but storms and tornadoes can wipe your park off the map and into bankruptcy. On average you can loose 500k to millions from storms (not including repairs to buildings or anything else, just storm damage). Most major buildings have storm defence as a research-able perk so i would suggest aiming for that if the weather become a problem.

Cheeky Outro

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