Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2

Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2

Land Designs

Water Trough

Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2 image 2"Roundabout"
Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2 image 4Hotel Balcony
Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2 image 6

Lets say you're building a small enclosure and want water in it. Chances are that a pool of water won't look very nice. Instead, use a fountain as a place holder for a ! In order for this to work, you need to disable dinosaur thirst so your dinosaurs don't die (because obviously dinosaurs can't drink from the fountains)


Not much to say on this one. Pretty much a circular viewing area (not functional of course) that goes into your enclosure.


I've been using this one since the JWE1. The idea is that the guests, while they're staying in a hotel, are able to go out onto the balcony to view and feed herbivorous dinosaurs (or carnivores if you're not aiming for any sort of realism). I normally use this one with Hadrosaurs, but you can use it with any dinosaur you'd like!

Lagoon Designs

Archelon/Nothosaurus Encounter
Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2 image 14
Lagoon Islands
Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2 image 16
Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2 image 17

With the new lagoon rocks, we can make something similar to what Aquariums have with Sea Lions. By making putting three viewing galleries around a lagoon rock like shown below, you're guests can get a close view as the Archelon/Nothosaurus rest upon it. (As an added bonus, you can pretend a trained staff member gets onto the rock and educates guests on them)


By deleting a lagoon section within a large lagoon, you can make an "island". The bigger the lagoon, the bigger the island you can make. Not only can you use these "islands" as enclosures, but also guest areas as well! Here's two examples of what you can do with them.

Aviary Design

Rib Cage
Enclosure Design Ideas for JWE2 image 23

While making the examples for this guide, I didn't have any ideas for the Aviary. Thus, I started playing around with the rocks and came upon something pretty cool. By arranging the rocks show below, you can make a rib cage of sorts, which you can put a tour through like I did.


There you have it, 6 ways to design your enclosures in JWE2! Hope you found this guide helpful, and have a great rest of your day/night!

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