California Photography Challenge

California Photography Challenge

Jurassic Difficulty Conditions

Three objectives:

1. Earn $2,500,000 through photography

2. Photograph 31 different dinosaur species

3. Photograph 12 different dinosaur behaviors

Expand Park Boundaries - 2 Parts:

1. Photograph 7 different dinosaur species to unlock the first area.

2. Photograph 17 different dinosaur species to unlock the final area.

Time limit:

15 minutes

Time will pause when you press "Esc" button. I do this often to save, refer to my external map and reload after going in a wrong direction. Time continues running when you are viewing the in-game map. So, be quick to re-orientate (the lakes were good landmarks for me).


California Photography Challenge image 12

This map shows where the 31 different dinosaur species can be found and a good route to drive.

It can be useful to copy-paste the URL of this image into a browser to zoom in / out. It looks tiny on the Steam browser.

The red + purple arrows show the route taken by Wondersgta Gaming in his video.

The red + blue arrows shows the route taken by me. I took a slightly different route because I found the compsognathus at a different location from his video and had already finished the 12 behaviors objective by then.

Most of the dinosaurs can be found near lakes. Lakes are good landmarks. We can move through some thin forest, but not through the thick forest.

Heads Up Display

California Photography Challenge image 19
California Photography Challenge image 20

The camera icon would appear on this heads up display bar if there is a dinosaur nearby in the direction that you're looking at.

This camera icon color is bright white if you have not photographed the dinosaur.

This camera icon color is dull grey after you have photographed the dinosaur.

The camera icon gets larger when the dinosaur is nearer.

This was incredibly handy for finding the tiny dinosaurs like the compsognathus.


This was when I could not see any compsognathus nearby but there were large and bright white camera icons.

After taking a photo in the bright white icon direction, I find out there were compsognathus right in front of me and the camera icons color change into a dull grey.

I did not understand how to use this display bar until I did this challenge. Glad I finally learned it.


As of 31 Jan 2023, Wondersgta Gaming's video description listed 16 dinosaur behaviors that can be captured by photograph. In case he decides to change this video description in future, here is the list:

Dinosaur Behaviors (12 needed);

1. Socialising

2. Resting

3. Looking for food

4. Looking for water

5. Drinking

6. Eating plants

7. Running

8. Fighting

9. Panicking

10. Sleeping

11. Hunting

12. Eating from a carcass

13. Eating from a feeder

14. Attacking ranger team

15. Chasing a flare

16. Fleeing from flare

Some behaviors are applicable to carnivores only or herbivores only. Based on what you need, it would be a good idea to linger around areas with more of the relevant dinosaurs accordingly.


Youtuber: Wondersgta Gaming

VIdeo: "The Worst Challenge Made Easy - California Photography Jurassic Challenge Guide - JWE2"


Date: 31 Jan 2023


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