[WIP] : All Minigames and Where to Find Them

[WIP] : All Minigames and Where to Find Them

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The Shed Minigames

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The Whack-a-Cody minigame can be found about halfway through The Depths of the Shed — you can't miss this minigame because Dr. Hakim essentially forces you to play it.

May will stand on top of the box with her hammer. Cody must get inside the box. Basically, the two of your are playing whack-a-mole. Cody pops up using the left stick and May must aim at Cody and press RT/R2 to hit Cody. May gets +2 points for each Cody hit. Cody gets +1 points for every (basically) half-second they remain popped up. Whoever fills their bar at the top of the screen first wins.

Flip the Switch 


The Flip the Switch minigame can be found shortly after the first minigame in The Depths — Whack-a-Cody. After Whack-a-Cody, there's one puzzle to solve. Immediately after leaving that puzzle area, hang a right and follow the pathway. You'll see a tambourine floating above a large circle of metal.

To begin Flip the Switch, Cody must stand on the small square platform with a yellow circle inside and May must hit the bigger yellow circle in front of it. This raises Cody into the air and formally begins the Flip the Switch mini-game.

May must dash around and hit the targets with her hammer to score points. Cody, on the other hand, must shoot the targets with his nail. Whoever fills the score bar first, wins.

The Tree Minigames

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