Achievement: Devils Play (deal 666 damage in the original Inscryption game)


Devil`s Play Achievement:

As some people are on the same mission as I am (to get all the achievements of this game while playing the first time), I came across some difficulties getting the "devil´s play" achievement.

The only tip I found online, was to use the Ouroboros card. In Act 2 you will be able to fight against a training dummy, where you can level your Ouroboros infinately, which is very useful for future plays- so do that, even if not for this achievement. It´s a great tip in general, but it requires quite a lot of patience and especially a lot of fighting time at the training dummy in regard of reaching the 666+ damage goal of this achievement. I tried it myself but gave up quite quickly, because after a certain point it just gets harder to kill your Ouroboros card by destroying it.

So I found a different way- one thats much faster. It still requires a lot of patience and a lot of clicking, but in comparison this method is a lot faster. So be aware of that!


What you will need for this method are those cards:

Stim Mage

Energy Conduit

Null Conduit

Mox Module Then you auto fill your deck or just select some random cards. Then you can head to the training dummy and just ring the bell to get a new card each round. Since the dummies cards dont attack this should not be a problem. Make sure to have all the important cards in your hand and that the energy level on the top left corner i filled to the maximum. Then you can start to place your cards like this:

Null Conduit

Mox Module

Stim Mage

Energy Conduit Ater that you jus have to level up the Stim Mage 666+ times. I know it an be exhausting but you dont have to do more than that. Once you have the Mage at around 670+ damage you can ring the bell to start your attack. This will grant you the achievement and a lot of foil which you can later use to buy cards!!!

I hope this was helpful- if there are any more questions ill try my best to explain further ^^


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