HsH: Survive Guide

HsH: Survive Guide


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HP = That Survivor's HP (Additional in the future)

STAMINA = Stamina maximum quantity (additional in the future)

EXPERTISE = EXPERTISE only affects check skill speed (more in the future).


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To complete the ritual It is necessary for the survivors to win.

In which players will have to find the platform to perform the ritual at points And bring the items to the ritual respectively



* Recommend *If you open a nail at the beginning of the game You can throw this item on the ritual.

For teammates who have incense, can be planted to continue the ritual immediately.

How to Win ( Survivor )

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If you have completed all 3 Ritual, a door will gradually appear, each person will exit.

Escapes from Hindrance

Or, if you choose not to leave, there is still a second option.

Kill specter

Specter in the game has 270 HP (for now). have Enchanted armor has Damage reduction 99% !!!

But this enchanted armor will be reduced according to the number of completed ritual as follows.

Complete Ritual 0 point enchanted Armor absorb 99% damage. Specter in normal condition.

Complete Ritual 1 point enchanted Armor absorb 80% damage. Specter has a slight burn.

Complete Ritual 2 point enchanted Armor absorb 50% damage. Specter has moderate burns.

Complete Ritual 3 point enchanted Armor is no longer immune to damage, the Specter has burnt and smoke along the path it walks.


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Red chest

Within the game there will be boxes to open for various items. And this red box can refresh itself at any time.

Details of the red box

8 seconds opening duration (7 seconds with treasure hunter perk)

The recharging time of the red box is 80-90 seconds.

Inside the red box Contains these things

***TIP*** Red chest can respawn them self. you must pick item and throw it out to ground

If u not do this. item will respawn and you wil lost item


Chaplet does the most damage of all weapons. It will be very useful at the end game.

At the game start. i recommended to leave this item outside the room.

- This is a melee weapon, do 40 damage with 3 charges (random).

- There are no other effects or debuffs. (If Aof use this to attack Specter. Causes Specter stun for a while)

Holy Rattan

Holy Rattan It is the least damaging item, but has the ability to stun Specter well at the beginning and end of the game.

- This is a melee weapon with a longer attack range than usual, dealing 10 damage with 3 charges (random).

- Causes Specter to stun for 2 seconds if attacked by this.

- Specter will not be able to use various skills for a while.

- Stun duration cannot be increased. From every stunned case

Holy Water

Holy water is a pretty good item. But this item is the most difficult item in the game as well.

- Deals 15 damage and slightly obscures Specter's vision, duration is 3 seconds, has 3 charges (random).

- If repeated splashing will increase the duration up to 9 seconds and cause complete blindness.

- Specter will not be able to use spells for a while (except for shield).

- This item's charge will be used. Whether the splash hit or not

Holy string trap

Holy string traps are items that must be placed at the door. It works when you do 2 ritual or more, and is the most damaging item in the game as well.

- This is a trap item that lasts for 120 seconds, does 80 damage and stuns for 3-4 seconds, only has 1 charge.

- It will take a X seconds (X seconds with Perk) before it can be successfully installed. And have a skillcheck during trap setting

Sigil scroll

A sigil scroll is a must-have item next to an energy drink. They can always help you and your friends in a tight situation.

- The sigil scroll will create a wall that Specter can't pass through for 6 seconds with only 1 charge.

- all survivors Still can move through every case Despite being pulled by Specter

Energy drink

Energy drinks are items that should be on hand at all times. Because it can help you run a lot longer

- When the item is successfully used The energy drink will fill the stamina to the full, with just 1 charge.

- Receive a buff which makes the stamina no longer decrease for 5 seconds.

Health potion

The health potion is one of the rarest items in the game. Because in the game can not restore health except using this item only.

- It takes about 4-6 seconds before the item can be successfully used.

- Potion will recover 50 health, only 1 charge.

- While using it, you will not be able to walk. And the point of view in turning Will be reduced to below 180 degrees only


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In this game, the characters are the focus of play Because all of them have different skills and stats, some are tough but can't run for long.

Some ran for tens of seconds but were hit a few times and died.


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Tim is a character that is intended to delay the time for friends to complete the ritual.



Nona-Metal Knife

If he does not hold anything for 25 seconds, a metal knife can be created.

Can be thrown at a distance. If hit, Specter will be stunned and deal 10 damage.

*My opinion* Overall status is moderate, can run a little. Tougher than Jane and Nipa Can delay and help a friend in certain situations as well.


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Nipa is a character who will perform the best ritual. Since she has skills that are very conducive to the ritual.


Her stats are quite poor. So playing her is not easy.


Sixth Sense

Nipa can see Specter who has entered invisibility mode faintly. And able to notify the position of Specter every 5 seconds

*My opinion* Its status is very low. Quite difficult to play Due to the minimal amount of Stamina Can't run for long, but the ritual is quite well done. If able to communicate with the team Quite useful to a certain extent


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Jane is a character who can make Specter waste time. and perform quite well in rituals. Very suitable for ritual


You can see that her stats are all good. But on the downside, she has little HP. Considered the disadvantage is not very big.


Second Chance

Jane was able to revive herself. If a teammate doesn't pick up her soul for 90 seconds.

But if a friend brings her soul to revive her, she will fully recover her HP.

*My opinion* Jane is able to adapt to any situation, Juke. The ceremony is also very easy. So she is a character that is most suitable for beginners.

Uncle Pae

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Uncle Pae is a character who runs as long as Jane. But more HP And difficult to perform rituals


You can see that Uncle Pae. Status is pretty good, HP is moderate, so much stamina. But the Uncle is more difficult to perform than the others.


Not Alone

Uncle Pae was able to see the aura of his teammates all the time.

*My opinion* Uncle's stats are pretty good. But the ritual was very low. Therefore, Uncle Pae should run a bait a Specter. Or find items for friends in the team So it will extract the most benefits


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Aof is a character who has the ability to fight Specter as well as Tim. But has a little more ability


Aof stats are intermediate. But of the substitute with good skill



If Aof do not hold the item for 15 seconds, Aof can attack Specter with barehand.

Deals 10 damage, but if Aof uses the Chaplet causes Specter stuns for 2-3 second.

*My opinion* Aof have a medium status. Not much less than Tim But skill cooldown is quite fast Causing the end of the game to not have to run around to find items


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