How to fix the GameboxEngineService ERROR

How to fix the GameboxEngineService ERROR

The error message

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This is the moment before the first battle starts:

The battle does not load properly. Instead, the following screen appears:

The error message states that the GameboxEngineService encountered an error at initialization, and that you should check the logs for more information:

ERROR GameboxEngineService:0 - Could not initialize GameBox (-4): check logs in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Abrakam Entertainment SA\Roguebook\gamebox_logs

The explanation

If you check the logs, you will see that several game files have the same id:

Multiple files match the format for script of entity id 9: C:\Applis\Steam\steamapps\common\Roguebook\Roguebook_Data\StreamingAssets\GameBoxResources\cards_scripts\0009.blood_gift.xlb C:\Applis\Steam\steamapps\common\Roguebook\Roguebook_Data\StreamingAssets\GameBoxResources\cards_scripts\0009.grim_siphon.xlb

There are actually 67 problematic files, and it is possible to remove the duplicate ids with Python[] . However, you will encounter other kinds of error afterwards, because the files have not been updated in a long time. For instance:

[email protected],07 COMPILATION ERROR [GameBox::EntityInfoLibraryServiceImpl::[email protected]] Error(s) while reading entity with id 94 from json: [...] 0x0000000c: Semantic Error - Could not find getter 'bearer' on type 'entity<creature>' [...] line 2: if (castToDeckCard( == this.bearer.heroType) INDENT ^

So what you want instead is to fetch the latest build of the game!

The fix

You can force an update of your game by forcing download_depot of the public branch.

To do so:

Open Steam's console, e.g. by typing Win+R and then:


Write down the manifestID of the latest build, which you can find on SteamDB[] .

Download the game content with:

download_depot 1076200 1076201 manifestID For instance, on the day of the game release (June 17, 2021):

download_depot 1076200 1076201 7529912476901754664

NB: The depotID for Windows is 1076201. For Mac, 1076202. For Linux, 1076203.

Copy steamapps\content\app_1076200\depot_1076201 to steamapps\common\Roguebook

which, in case you need a more detailed process, means to:

Rename Roguebook to Roguebook_old in steamapps\common\

Copy depot_1076201 from steamapps\content\app_1076200\ to steamapps\common\

Rename depot_1076201 to Roguebook in steamapps\common\

If you want to update your build in the future, check the history of manifestIDs[] for game updates, or the history of changes[] for a more verbose output.

The result

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Caveat: do not ask Steam to verify the game files, or you will be back to square one.

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