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Hopefully I've caught all talents there are. If there's one missing, please tell me and I might add it to the list.

Talents unlock at certain deck sizes: 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34 cards.

There is a treasure to reduce the necessary deck size by four cards for each tier.

The probability to get a certain talent should be:

at the start of the run:

(number of talents picked up total (determined by deck size)) / (number of talents inside the branch you want to get the talent from)

during the run:

(number of talent picks left (determined by deck size)) / (number of talents inside the branch you want to get the talent from - number of talents already picked in total (doesn't matter which branch))


2 Talents picked already that were not the talent you are looking for. Your deck will probably reach 30 cards, so you expect to pick up three more talents. Sharra has 9 Talents in total, 2 of them are already out of the pool. The chance to get a certain talent of the remaining seven within the next three talent unlocks is:

3 / (9 - 2) = 3 / 7 = 43%.

Please note that different heroes seem to have a different numbers of possible talents.

Aurora Talents

Amphibian Affinity - Start each battle with 8 Frogs. (Ally – 1 Spirit – Aggressive, Swarm, at the end of each turn, this loses 1 spirit.)

Brain Size Matters - Vaults of Wisdom can be visited twice.

Cold Blood - At the start of your turn, if Aurora has 5 life or less, draw a card.

Kappa Strength - Whenever you Dissolve a card, Aurora gains 1 Power.

Longevity - At the end of your turn, Aurora heals life equal to your hand size.

Perfect Clarity - When you block an attack for the exact right amount, draw two cards. The cost 0 for the rest of the battle.

Sagacity - Start each battle with 3 Sips in hand.

Seven Inches Taller - Aurora has +7 maximum life.

Sixth Sense Each turn, the sixth card you draw costs (1) less this turn.

Soothing Mists - The leading enemy has -2 Power.

Tea for Two - Whenever you use Aurora’s teapot, heal the other hero for half the amount.

Seifer Talents

Adamant Blood - Receive no wounds when Seifer dies.

Blood Bond - Damage dealt to the other hero also increases Seifer's Rage.

Boiling Blood - At the start of each battle, Seifer gains 10 Rage.

Burning Mind - Whenever Seifer becomes enraged, draw a card and gain (1)

Dark Thoughts - Once per battle, click Seifer to gain 10 Rage and move him to the front.

Face to Face - At the end of each turn, if Seifer is leading he gains 5 Rage.

Feet of Fire - Whenever the heroes swa, Seifer gains 3 Rage.

Greed - Gain 15 more gold per battle.

Life Tap - When an enemy dies, if it wasn’t a summon, Seifer heals 3 life.

Loyal Minion - Start each battle with a Brute (Ally – 5 Spirit – Aggresive)

Malice - When an enemy takes damage, Seifer gains 1 Rage.

Ringleader - Damage from allies inflict 1 Bleed.

Sharra Talents

Alacrity - Once per battle, click on Sharra to attack the leading enemy for 15 and Retreat

Courageous - Sharra starts each battle with 3 Courage.

Fly Weight - Whenever you end your turn with no cards in hand, Sharra gains 1 Power

Hidden Blades - Start each battle with 4 Daggers.

Knife Juggling - Whenever Sharra adds a Dagger to your hand, add twice as many.

Momentum - Whenever you swap, Sharra gains 1 Power this turn.

Resilience - Whenever Sharra takes damage, she gains two stacks of Courage

Take Cover - Whenever Sharra takes damage from an enemy attack, she retreats and gains 4 Power next turn.

Warmed Up - Every 3 times your characters swap, gain (1).

Sorocco Talents

Adaptive Hide - The first time Sorocco takes damage each turn, he gains 5 Block.

Bouncer - If you still have block at the end of enemies’ turn, add a Headbang to your hand.

Brew Master - Increase Fortifying Brew’s Block to 5.

Daredevil - At the start of your turn, if Sorocco is leading draw a card.

Fortune - Vaults of Wisdom always offer 1 card with one random gem in it.

Guardian - Whenever either of the heroes play a Defend, draw a card

Insatiable - All future cards gained have 2 gem sockets.

Powered Fist - The first attack Sorocco makes each turn gains +5 Power.

Quick Reflexes - Once per battle, click on Sorocco to gain 15 Block and move him to the front.

Regeneration - At the End of each battle, Sorocco heals 8 life.

Stone Skin - Sorocco has +1 max life for each card in your deck,

Strongman - Each turn, the first time you play a card that costs (2) or more, gain (1).

Party Talents

Bargain Hunter - The shop chargest 25% less gold.

Charismatic - Allies cost (1) less.

Expert Looter - At the end of each battle, gain 1 gold for every two cards in your deck.

Hardy - At the end of each battle, both heroes heal 3.

Head Start - Gain (1) and draw a card at the start of each battle.

Heroic Bond - Both Heroes gain +1 Power.

Quick Thinking - When you have no cards in hand, draw a card

Rending Blow - The first hit of the battle inflicts Bleed equal to half the damage dealt.

Second Wind - At the start of turn 5, the heroes gain 3 Power

Stoicism - At the start of each turn, gain 5 Block. This effect ends once you shuffle your deck.

Story Teller - Start each battle with a Story Teller. (Ally – 2 Spirit – Activate: Draw a card.)

Wayfarer - Whenever you use a brush, reveal two extra adjacent tiles at random.

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