Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group


A large catalog of ships I've made over the course of my time with Highfleet. Many of these ships were made to fill purposes I needed over the course of a few campaigns, and specialty designs for when slightly different methods were called for. I hope any of them find your taste and help see you through the game, or just inspire you!

I have a LOT of designs, so bare with me and this journey as I (hopefully) remember to post them all.

Here is the full catalog for download so you can try and modify them all for your own campaigns!

-----Air Superiority Capital Ships (Light-Heavy Cruisers)


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 7

Designation: Light Cruiser

Role: Anti-Cruiser Heavy Artillery Gunship.

Akula's big sister, a strange pyramid like design was chosen for Agonizer attempting to compact the vessel into a smaller combat frame. A downside to the design decision was the reduced space for fuel tanks limiting Agonizer's strategic range without support. Forgoing missile racks the Agonizer in its stead mounts an extra pair of SARMAT duel barreled 180mm autocannons bring her total salvo size up to a eight barreled salute. She's capital killer at heart, be mindful of incoming missiles however, as Agonizer only has flares along with long range proxy rounds for air defense.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 12

Designation: Light Cruiser

Role: Heavy Gunship

A strip down and rebuild of the venerable Archangel moving the ship into the role of a frigate killer with a bonus on its fuel savings, thrust to weight, and cruising range. The incorporation of modern dense systems allowed one of the Archangel's doubled armor lines to be striped away without loss to protection on main points of contact.

Prosecutor Mk1&2

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 17
Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 18

Designation: Cruiser

Role: Super Heavy Artillery Gunship/Mobile turret

Envisioned as a replacement to the Archangel the Prosecutor sacrifices all cruising range to become as compact as possible while mounting heavy batteries. A squall sits perched in the center of this monster, full 360 degree coverage leaves no attack angle unguarded by the dauntless six barrels of this battery. However, the Achilles heel of Prosecutor is its over dependence on Auxiliary tankers on even the most minor of transits, as a result the ship more often then not sits as an over glorified turret at any base its stationed at.

Don't let that fact lull you into a false sense of security when one of these lumbers onto radar at a surprising pace.

Designation: Light Cruiser

Role: Super Heavy Artillery Gunship/Modern Mobile turret

Another wave of modernization efforts did not forget the lonesome Prosecutor. Mk2 Desperately tries to eek out range on the design by shaving armor in favor of ablative. When that only provided about a click more distant to her range designers gave up and slapped two external missile racks to the beast. As a bonus, older 57mm guns were replaced with 37mm CIWS systems, in a bout of irony, the new systems made her an even more effective turret.

Swiftfast Mk1&4/a

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 27
Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 28
Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 29

Designation: Light cruiser

Role: Fast Attack anti-Frigate Gunship

Ah Venerable Swiftfast has been with the fleet for long time time now, old and reliable. Fast as can be with a sting to send anything smaller then her to the sands in short order; Swiftfast is a tried and true light cruiser.

Designation: Cruiser

Role: Fast Attack Anti-Frigate Gunship

Consolidation of the many previous iterations and sub-variants of the Swiftfast hull has left the fleet with two prevailing models. First the standard Mk4 taking the center stage as the premiere fast attack light cruiser of the fleet. There is nothing Swiftfast cant run down with her well focus on speed combined with well balanced armaments and defense.

Designation: Cruiser

Role: Heavy Artillery Gunship/Missile platform

Second the Mk4a known as the "Brick ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥" for its almost flat square body and roof like upper structure exists to bring the heaviest guns possible while still maintaining high top speeds for capital grade interception operations.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 40

Carnage is what happens when a ship design wakes up one morning, and chooses violence. An attack cruiser with overwhelming numbers of medium caliber 100mm & 130mm auto cannons to systematically dismantle its opposition. The only main draw back its the vessels odd center of thrust, and lack of APS systems.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 43

Designation: Tanker/Repurposed Auxiliary Cruiser

Role: Fleet Support

During the conscription of civilian tanker fleets it becoming apparent that some of the hulls were robust enough to be outfitted for combat to help replace losses. An idea that once not long ago would have been laughed out as absurd is now normal procedure. The result, a surprising effective firing platform.

Restless Mk1&4

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 48
Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 49

An odd duckling of the fleet, Restless was made during the teething days of the new fleet doctrine, and a result ended up being a bloated test-bed filled with half measures mixed with new thoughts. New systems such as CIWS and APS along with field testing of ablative concepts were worked into Restless' design. One could almost say Restless was an attempt at a battlecruiser concept being the fact that weighing in as a heavy cruiser she mounts only medium caliber guns meant to hunt smaller prey. This idea being backed up by the impressive thrust to weight for such a heavy ship.

Mk4 is the current version of Restless in service, and now finally taking her original concepts into better realization. The main fuel tank was cut in half with the extra weight savings used to mount in proper capital grade weapon systems into the hull; in addition to a new blade of armor on the ship's upper flanks. The negative space giving the new Restless quite the unique appearance.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 53

Designation: Heavy Cruiser

Role: Assault Air Superiority Cruiser

Wrathful was the envisionment of a compact assault heavy cruiser that could detect, tack, and engage any target it was assigned to. The ship could act well as a core center piece in a fleetgroup provided it could be well supported by Auxiliary/AA ships.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 58

Designation: Heavy Cruiser

Role: Fleet CIC/Arial Dreadnought

When you want to consume the resources of a small nation state, and have the firepower of said nation state all in one convenient package. A flagship of flagships, it may be your only ship, but its gonna be the best!

-----Air Superiority Escorts (Light-Heavy Frigates)


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 64

Designation: Heavy Frigate

Role: Heavy Artillery Gunship/Missile Platform

A true ship from the homeland! Akula is a stout artillery frigate brimming with heavy guns and large banks of R-5's to strike at distant targets. With all the newest of Romani ships the Akula is fitted with ablative outer hull segments fantastic at blunting armor piercing rounds, mitigating blast damage from heavy shells, and more importantly, taking the shock of a distant Nuke.

Asender Mk1&2

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 69
Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 70

Designation: Frigate

Role: Adhoc Air Superiority Gunship

An adhoc attack ship made from the refitted hull of a Gepard Mk2. Armed with a motley array of weapons on hand the ship served its purpose well as a stop gap measure when the fleet began its long tack north.

Designation: Frigate

Role: Air Superiority Heavy Gunship

Now the gloves are coming off! The Mk2 of the Asender outfits the vessel for true war. Bristling with medium caliber auto cannons and Zeniths in a surprisingly nimble frame makes the Mk2 a nightmare to engage against.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 78

Designation: Heavy Frigate

Role: AA Direct Fire Barge/Anti-Corvette Gunship

A low tech AA barge lathered in 57mm batteries with CIWS on its extremities, approach with extreme caution.

Gladiator Mk2

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 83

A liniar evolution of the Gladiator hull expanding gun batteries and coating the ship in APS systems to maximize protection from shelling while the pilot lines up the next salvo.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 86

Designation: Frigate

Role: Modern Air Superiority Heavy Gunship.

An attempt by fleet command to standardize the Asender Mk2 line into a purpose made heavy gunship with a ground up design not tied to previous hulls. Range was sacrificed and missile banks removed for more ablative and plating to bring her up to modern escort standards.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 91

A Frankenstein of hulls, no one truly remembers what this once was, but they do remember one thing, the murder in its wake.

Project 12

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 94

Designation: Frigate

Role: Prototype Air Superiority Gunship

An odd gladiator alternative (made from the hull of a shattered one mind you) gutting the center internals to place one massive fixed engine that was on hand.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 99

A heavy fast attack anti-capital frigate armed with near irreplaceable Nadir missiles in her tubes, choose your targets wisely.

Warlock Mk1&2

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 102
Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 103

Designation: Heavy Frigate

Role: Heavy Air Superiority Gunship

A competing design with the Gladiator Mk2 prioritizing tradition protection schemes over more modern ones. Yet, even with across bored improved abilities the fuel usage of this beast along with vulnerabilities to modern ammunition relegated Warlock to heavy garrison ship rather then an attacker.

Designation: Heavy Frigate

Role: Modern Air Superiority Gunship

Mk2 is almost a save face design with a scrambled attempt to weld modern system into the Warlock design. The effort was highly successful even though the fuel use remained high turning the Warlock into modern alternative, at least to the base Gladiator.

-----Air Superiority Escorts (Light-Heavy Corvettes)


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 112

During the development of the Heartfelt her unarmored frame was found to have incredible agility even with her heavy armaments. The decision was quickly made to put this model as an interceptor into production, Aggressor was born.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 115

Designation: Heavy Corvette

Role: Fast Attack Air Superiority/Commerce Raider

A combo fast attack and commerce raider refit of the Intrepid to bring the ship more inline with modern imperial fleet doctrine.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 120

The sole existence of this vessel is to say "I have one more then you!"


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 123

Servant is a heavy corvette styled as a pocket frigate designed as a force multiplier, cheap(ish), cheerful, and effective.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 126

A field refit of the Navarin turning the ship into a pocket artillery vessel that can punch far above its weight class while still remaining mobile.

-----Carrier Capital Ships (Light-Heavy Crusiers)


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 130

Designation: Command Carrier Heavy Cruiser

Role: Fleet CIC/Force Projection

One of the many Romani Command Carries, the crown jewel of any strikegroup lucky enough to have such a mighty beast. A heavy force projection vessel with a large flight drone jet backed up with a small launch bay armed with Nuclear warheads. A full CIWS system makes it daunting to strike Empire from afar, let alone at close range.

-----Strategic Capital Ships (Light-Heavy Cruisers)


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 136

The Morgan is a capital grade Yars that fits nicely as the center piece of any missile group. Large tubs of conventional missiles are guided by a heavy electronics suite making the Morgan a fantastic base of fire even on her own. However, Morgan lacks Sprint AAM systems making her CIWS battery have to pick up the extra slack.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 139

A small taskforce grade Nuclear weapons light cruiser made to be the center piece of small operations. While most of Delta's tubes are armed with Nuclear cruise missiles at least one tube is always left for an A-100N for return fire situations. A small battery of 100m guns stand ready to deliver proxy bursts to incoming ordinance.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 142

Essentially a larger Delta, Will now brings a full cruiser grade sensor suite into battle with more defensive A-100N's against retaliatory strikes. Even bringing a battery of 130mm guns for long range proxy bursts.

-----Strategic Escorts (Light-Heavy Frigates)


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 146

Taking the same line of thought such of Wanderer frigates line. The Oman was designed to form the center of a small taskforce, or fall into escort larger vassals in strikegroups. Oman has become the harbinger of first strikes, as behind every unassuming raiding party lies one of these vassals, and her potent cargo.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 149

Described as an overly fattened Yars the Yak fits into the same role as the Yars, but with better cursing range and a potent dense systems.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 152

Ah the York, a shame what happened to the Wanderer she once was, but look at her now! Row upon row of conventional cruise missiles makes this adhoc vessel unparalleled in a saturation strike.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 155

A companion to the Triumphant, Bogey mounts four tubes of thermonuclear cruise missiles evenly split between radar and anti-radiation types. All above making Bogey the spear to the Triumphant's shield.

-----Auxiliary Ships (Tanks, Force Projection, Scouts, EW, Etc.)


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 159

Not much to say about this faithful little ship, practically been in service since ELINT was invented, and still a perfect scout for any strikegroup.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 162

A small electronic warfare ship, as the tin said.

Tanker Mk2

Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 165

Shockingly this is not actually a 'Mk2' of the currently in service Tanker class ships, but in truth the original civilian taker she was based on. The ship was given the 'Mk2' designation to not confuse commanders and the logistic corps when logging her.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 168

A medium civilian tanker conscripted to be a taskforce tanker with no armor or defense systems to speak of, flammable, but useful.


Imperial Custom Fleet Ops Group image 171

A large civilian tank conscripted for full on strikegroup operations, once more requiring full escort, defend the "Flying Bomb" well.


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