Dialogue Modification

Dialogue Modification


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So the dialogue is hidden somewhere in the Highfleet folder (HINT: check the data folder ;3). But the problem is our lord and savior KK has encoded it, and if your brain is wrinkle-free like mine this might be a bit challenging, tbh this guide is more of just a link to the software to do all this stuff. But I might include some small tidbits of info I found out.

So What Do You Do?

So if you go into the "Data" folder, you will find 2 new folders, you want to choose the one called "Dialogs" (good spelling KK). In there you find 2 files, the English and Russian one. Now chances are you are a Western human being and speak English so you wanna edit that file right? But BOOM its encoded.

Now what do you do? NOTHING cuz ur smoothbrained like me.

OR you could decode it using some software (of which a new and good friend whipped up for me based off of something else, idk how it works, please dont ask, I have no idea how this arcane contraption works).


This man is a genius, tbh Ill include him in the credits and please thank them not me (a bit narcissistic to think you would thank me but still).

Download it and follow the instructions in the readme and you can encode and decode with ease!

Remember you need to encode it again for it to work.


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So now you have decoded your .seria_enc file, good job! You have done it!

Dont worry it gets more fun now!

You can now start messing around with dialogue and can probably figure a few things out, a good example is this:

You can change a lotta stuff like the names of characters, dialogue, responses to dialogue, and much more! You can even mess around with the blue text that gives world information, paired with messing around with the Tex folder and messing around with the pictures in there you can now completely reskin Highfleet or do whatever you would like! More is probably possible but I havent figured it out yet, guide will be updated as more stuff comes to my attention and as I struggle with my ADHD to actually do productive things!

You can also add new dialogue lines, it seems finnicky and I havent fully figured it out yet but Ill give an example with the nuclear launch dialogue.

As you can see I added two things, the first thing I added was "<ANS=♥♥♥♥ you. |NUCLEAR_ESCALATION_4>" this provides the third response as seen later in the guide (finished result).

But the ending part (The NUCLEAR ESCALATION_4 part) seems to be needed to guide the dialogue to the next part.

So then you also want to add in a response, so you put in #NUCLEAR_ESCALATION_4, then put <NPC=PETR (the person)><SIDE=1 (seems to be the left side)>♥♥♥♥ you too.

This gives the response. (The stuff in there parentheses are like... what I know about it)

Now I tried multiple times to put the |EXIT> code at the end of what Pyotr says but it never worked and I got stuck in the screen, so it seems you must add an answer at the end (<ANS=...|EXIT>), idk how it works, Ill keep testing, maybe its unique because its the nuclear launch dialogue, idk.

The game is now your oyster!

Example of finished result:

(The beginnings of remake of Highfleet called "Dogefleet" that me and a friend have been working on)


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Well of course credit to my friend who made the software, stopnoanime on discord, idk their steam name.

GIS for emotional support and helping me discover this by helping out with the "Dogefleet" remake, and Pyotr Dogevitch.

And me, for being cool

(Pyotr Dogevitch, credit to GIS)

Examples Of My Autism

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Meeting Omar Doge and giving him the pot thingy that the masked dude gave you in the beginning.

Meeting the prologue Tarkhan. (Text not yet modded)


Now go forth Tarkhans and create new memories, make a few omelettes by nuking a city or two, and be cool!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2676978688					

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