Most Effective Way to Earn Money Fast

Making Money Quickly

Working the register and Micro-Managing an employee is a really good way to make money quickly. You're gonna be focusing on working the register, and fueling cars when needed. The computer is nearby which you can use to micro manage a single employee to keep them productive and keep the labor cost low. Have the employee clean the station primarily, and when a customer pulls into the garage send them to go fix cars, then re-assign them back to cleaning when they're done so they're not just getting paid to stand around. You can do all this from the computer right next to the check stand.

The reason why this is the most effective way is because you're not only paying very little for employees, but you're also getting tips, which add up very quickly. Every customer on the register will tip you as long as you dont screw up the scanning. Fuel customers will sometimes tip you as well. These tips easily add up and you'll get hundreds extra on top of the money you're making from selling goods and fuel.

Customers very patient in this game. Dont be afraid to leave a line at the register to quickly fuel the cars, and dont be afraid to wait until the max amount of cars are waiting at the fuel station so you minimize how many trips you gotta make. If you get a party bus, call in a second employee, you'll want to keep one on cleaning duty the whole time because those trash cans fill up quick. As tempting as it is, dont let an employee manage the register during the party rush, thats hundreds of dollars in tips.

Remember the more customers you have and the more they buy increases the amount of tips you'll receive, so make sure to fully stock the shelves first, and upgrade the parking spaces to get more customers inside.


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