The best map in chess

The best map in chess

Map Overview

The best map in chess image 1

Bishop And Knight Positioning

The best map in chess image 3

As you may have seen, you can attack on your first move using the bishop.

The only problem is that the bishop is countered by the knight so it makes this 1st move attack useless

King And Queen Positioning

The best map in chess image 7

As you may have seen from the beginning the king and the queen positioning is very cursed. But for a reason.

The queen easily counters the king so that means that every player will try to bomb rush the enemy's king with the queen as fast as possible.

My fix was moving the enemy queen and the friendly king on sides that forces the queen to move at least 4 times to start a fight with the king.

This should give you enough time to defend your king with the overpowered giga chad pawns

Rook Positioning

The best map in chess image 13

We all know how powerful rooks are. They counter everything and only get soft countered by the king and bishop for their movement abilities.

In order to protect the enemy from your rooks and protect your king from the queen, the rooks stand near the king to protect the 2 pawns in front of them

Bruh There Are Pawns Everywhere

The best map in chess image 17

The pawns are more like filler for the table to cover the empty spaces between the special pieces.

But besides that they are the perfect piece to slow down enemy rushes and your rushes as well.

It is the perfect balance piece of the game. Poor movement on the table, gets countered by everything but can win against the queen with a bit of luck (that chance to kill the queen with a pawn is multiplied by the huge amount of pawns on the table)


And that's chess 2.0 if you think i'm wrong i actually do not care bye


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