List of working convertibles

List of working convertibles

List Of Cars

List of working convertibles image 1
Ferrari California TFerrari PortofinoFord Mustang Mach-E 1400Lamborghini Gallardo LP670-4 Spyder PerformanteMcLaren 720S SpiderMcLaren 650S SpiderMercedes-AMG OnePagani Zonda Cinque RoadsterPorsche 911 Speedster
Porsche 918 SpyderWillys MB Jeep

Some cars are convertibles, but you can't change the roof option.

Some cars are convertibles that work. Some of which have animations, some fade to black.

A few cars also have other special options.

Here's a list of cars where pressing G does something.

Vehicle Function Comment Convertible (Animated) Holding down G makes roof go bonkers Convertible (Animated) Holding down G makes roof go bonkers Toggle AWD/RWD Dashboard also shows FWD option, but it is ignored. Sadly. Convertible (Fadeout) Convertible (Animated) Convertible (Animated) Toggle Drag Reduction System (DRS) Lowers spoiler, closes hood louvers. Increases speed in straights. Takes quite long. Convertible (Fadeout) Convertible (Fadeout) Sometimes roof dis-appears after it fades back from black. Convertible (Fadeout) Folds windshield down Sometimes doesn't come back up


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