Koenigsegg Jesko 328+MPH | Best Tuning

Tuning For Speed In 328MPH

1. We Go To The Garage > Modifications And Tuning > Find New Tuning Configurations 2. We Open The "Search" (Backspace On The Keyboard / Settings Button On The Gamepad) 3. Select "Share Code" 4.Enter The Code - 823 055 095 5. Install Tuning

If you already have Koenigsegg Jesko, then you can proceed to the installation of tuning. (If you don't have Jesko, but you want to get it for free, scroll below)

How To Get Koenigsegg Jesko For Free

1. You need to unlock Horizon Baja by completing the first task

2. Unlock and pass 100% "V10"

3. Pick up JeskoRecognition of > History > V10


After installing the tuning, you will be able to develop 323+MPH on the high-speed section "Trebol" on the highway.

And 328 MPH on the radar "Federal Highway" (I think, if you try hard, you can go 330mph)

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2835380950					

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