Optimising weapon choices using acc%

TL;DR Give Me The Numbers

Hit %RealHit count12.55%32225.10%64337.65%96450.20%128562.75%160675.29%192787.84%2248

Monk unarmed is just doubled.

Explanation Of The Accuracy Stat

Accuracy is used both for calculating chance to hit and the number of hits with your weapon when using Attack in battle. The formula for calculating hit% is bugged in the NES version, making the cap artificially low. I don't know for sure how this works in this version of the game and it won't be factored in to any calculations.

This is purely intended to be a reference for the thresholds you need in order to get more hits in. This is useful because the game doesn't make it very clear at what point you get an extra attack so determining which weapon will give you the most damage is difficult.

The number of hits in the original are calculated by this formula.

Originally posted by "AstralEsper on GameFAQs":5. The formula for determining a character's # of Hits is:


# of Hits = [1+(Hit%/32)]*Hit Multiplier

Unarmed BB/MA

# of Hits = 2([1+(Hit%/32)]*Hit Multiplier)

*Hit Multiplier = 1 by default, and ranges from 0 to 2

*FAST increases Hit Multiplier by 1

*SLOW decreases Hit Multiplier by 1

*Minimum number of hits is 1source: Game Mechanics Guide by AstralEsper[gamefaqs.gamespot.com]

That is to say, without other modifiers you get an extra hit for every 32 points of ACC. In this remaster, your raw ACC stat is not shown and instead you are given a % of 255. The values to look out for are in the table shown in the previous section.

When To Consider ACC Over Damage

Whenever you get a new weapon on a melee character that will increase your ACC but decrease your damage or vice versa, you should check if the ACC % will change the total hit count. Usually if you will get an extra hit with a weapon, it is worth losing damage for.

Additional Notes

I couldn't find this info easily in any steam guides or from a quick google search so I ended up just working this out in a spreadsheet I could use as a reference. With the number of different releases for this game with various bug fixes it is hard to know what info is reliable when it comes to specific combat mechanics. I did some testing and verified a couple of these thresholds but I really just worked this out for my own convenience and this guide was quickly put together to hopefully save someone else a bit of time. If there is anything in here that is incorrect feel free to let me know and I can update.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2636736018