Easy expandable solarfarm

Easy expandable solarfarm

So The Magical Number 21:24

Easy expandable solarfarm image 1

Easy expandable solarfarm image 2
Easy expandable solarfarm image 3
Easy expandable solarfarm image 4

I have no idea if this is trully the perfect solarpanel to accumilator ratio but i set out with this in mind.

I had a picture someone shared saying that is was not optimal but close (20:24) and its a good starter version and you can easy stick 4 of these and make a nice looking bigger once.

as shown in pic below.

but the problem here is if its 20:24 ratio it becomes more unbalanced the more of these you build.

and i was now myself in a later part of the game and wanted to make a big a nice looking and easy expandable solar farm.

I had some inspiration from another guy who posted a nice modular solar farm but the ratios was not acording to the 21:24 rule.

So with his design in mind and the 21/24 rule i set out to make a big and easy expandable farm and this is what i made.

A 28:32 grid.

Its been more then 10years since i last was in school but if i'm not misstaken this build adheres to the 21/24 ratio rule.



and you can easy expand them in a line and they connect easy with the Big Electric poles.

Here is how it can look.

If this is a dubble/re post then tell em and i'll take it down. otherwise i hope this helps atleast one person out there that is new to this game and finds it as awesome as i do ^^

Credit to Panda Rocketeer for his Guide and to ✪ PsymøN for the pictures and ideas you shared!

here is the string if you want it


This is my first steam guide so i hope its not to messy!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1809304278					

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