"Project: Back To The Future" Guide and hints

First Room (Present)

In this room, basically you have to find the code to access the red button used to activate the PC.

Remote and morse codeSome hints are written on the whiteboard, which mentions the Remote, and some MORSE coded messages. To translate them you have to:

Click on the remote near to the TV.

Now you can use the morse alphabet on the TV to translate the messages.

The translation of the two hints are:



Unlocking the keypadNow you know that the keypad's code can be retreived by observing the rubik's cubes on the three shelves.

There are three cubes, and thus three pin digits .

The "COLORS " hint suggests that you have to count the number of squares of a specific color in the front face of the cubes.

The specific color is the one of the object near to the cube , so the code is: 634 .

After inserting the PIN, the red button will be visible, and you can press it, unlocking the computer's power on button.

Turning the PC on

Now you can click on the Case to wake the computer up, and a blue screen appears .

Restoring the PC to a previous date

The PC can't boot, so you have to find the USB drive Inside one of the drawers near to the desk.

After finding it, pick it up and plug it into the USB port of the PC. Now a loading screen will appear.

At the end of the process, you will travel back in time until the 18_th of October, 1985 (FUN FACT: it's the date in which the movie "Back To The Future" was released) .

Second Room (Past)

In this "past" version of the room, your goal is to find a way to get "back to the future" .

TO-DO list and clock

First of all, the board gives you a hint:

The last activity on the to-do list is not checked. You will have to play a chess game at 8:25 in the evening.

Setting the clock near to the blackboard at 8:25 will open the drawers, letting you pick up the chess pieces.

Chess Puzzle In order to find the chessboard, you should drag the carpet on one side of the room .

Also this time, the Rubik's cubes (now they are 4, three on the shelves, one inside the closet) are useful. Picking them up and exploring them, you can notice some symbols.

Furthermore, you can find some numbers behind the posters and the frames on the walls.

RUBIK's cubes and chessboard

Notice the similarity between the Rubick's cubes and the chessboard: both have dark and clear squares.

On one face of each cube you will find a symbol on the central square of the face, and a number in another square.

Posters / Paintings on the wall and chessboardEach poster is linked to a specific chess piece . Behind each of them you will find a number (similar to the ones on Rubik's cubes) :

Painting Number King I (1) Pawn II (2) Queen III (3) Horse IV (4)

Placing Chess pieces on the boardIn order to correctly place the chess pieces, you have to look at the position of each number on a Rubik's cube with respect to the central symbol. The chess piece corresponding to that number will have the same position on the chessboard, with respect to the same central symbol.

The following table explains this in details:

Chess piece Number (from paintings) Rubik's cube Position on chessboard King I (1) Pawn II (2) Queen III (3) Horse IV (4)

Here an image showing the correct placement of the chess pieces:

After positioning all the pieces, you will find a key (appearing on the chessboard). Use it to open the left door of the desk .

Blue and green floppy disks Insert one of the two floppy disks inside the floppy reader, near to the PC. The blue one will show you a floorplan. You can notice that there's a secret room behind the bookshelf .

The red floppy disk will show you how to access the secret room. You have to interact with the books in the order highlighted on the PC screen in order to open the secret door .

Inside the secret room, you'll find a green floppy (inside the left drawer). Plug it into the reader to go back to the future.

First Room Again

After inserting the green floppy into the reader, you'll be teleported back to the present. However, now the bookshelf is open, and you can acces a laptop. Open it, and you will find the Game complete screen. If you want click on the computer keyboard to open the link to my room on the workshop and let me know if you enjoyed it, maybe leaving a feedback on what could I improve, or what did you enjoy the most. After that, walk to the portal to finish the room.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2795356999					

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