Pandemic! Hints and walkthrough.

Hints And Solution

Specimen room one

Hint: There seems to be a black ledger missing from the pin board in this room

Hint: Its telling me I need to reset every sever in the main lab from this external server node

Hint: The servers in the main lab are now showing a different sequence

Solution: Use the reset codes in the ledger and input them one at a time in specimen room one. the corresponding server rack in the main lab will show a new sequence. If done correctly each reset code will give you a digit of the lock corresponding to the server rack number found on the whiteboard in the corner of the main lab. The final code should result as 23894

Specimen room two

Hint: There seems to be a clipboard in the skeletons lap

Hint: The image looks like the two drawers in the room

Hint: The drawers have letters

Hint: In the main lab there are some computers i can turn on

Hint: The patient files have some numbers and letters highlighted

Solution: patient files and determine what two letters correspond to what numbers

(NC:4 BB:6 BW:5 CD:28)

Then use those numbers and symbols to solve the equations on the clipboard found in room two

the resulting combination will be: 22397

Specimen room three

Hint: There seems to be a helmet on this skeleton

Hint: He has a USB key... maybe it I can put in in this computer

Hint: The computers are telling me which meals this specimen DID NOT EAT

Hint: In the main lab there are some refrigerators

Hint: They have meals in them,the cupboard between also shows me which meals are which

Hint: I can click on some of the meals to slide them out

Solution: In the main lab select the meals that were not eaten by specimen three, doing so correctly will reveal a code between the fridges (24361)

Getting to the main lab

hint: Use the three specimen room key cards to unlock the exit towards the main lab

hint: there are some lockers that have been opened, they all seem to have number on them

hint: there is a message to leave your cell phone inside your locker

Solution: the combination is the locker numbers that have cell phones in them (148)

Creating the cure

hint: There is a centrifuge in the room with an instruction manual... maybe i should read it

hint: there is more tablets on another shelf,I wonder if any of them turn on

hint: the centrifuge needs three specimen samples, but the fridge has 24, which ones do I use?

Solution: In the specimen rooms, the bodies if the dead specimens have toe tags that tell you which specimen samples to use in the centrifuge(13, 17, 22). Then you need to configure each sequence tray below corresponding to the images found on the sequence configuration tablet. Once complete the centrifuge should create the cure. use this cure to unlock the lab door

Releasing the lab assistant and completing the room

There is a barricade on the outside of the lab door so the lab assistant can only escape once the rescue party removes the barricade and unlocks the door with the key found in the lockers. however the door will only unlock once the cure has been inserted from inside the lab. When both players are outside, they must stand on the pads and click the exit buttons simultaneously


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