Kidnapped Walkthrough

Hints And Solutions For Kidnapped! Escape Room

Escape the CellHint:The key is on the wall of a shelf in the computer room... it seems just out of reach

Hint:There is a long rod just outside the door if only I could knock it towards me...

Solution:Nudge the shelf making the old curtain rod fall towards you, then use it to reach the key on the shelf to your right. This will let you escape your cell.

Fix the waterHint:Water tank says its got low pressure... I wonder why?

Hint:Maybe I can fix the pipes?

Hint:Ill need something sticky to seal them with

Solution:retrieve the duct tape found underneath the shelf outside the cell in a

basket to fix all the leaks in the pipes


Shelf outside of cell,

Next to exit door

Above sinkOnce fixed you can turn the water tank back on and then turn on the sink faucet.

Open the hidden DoorHint:There is some baskets with game console on them, I wonder If there is supposed to be games inside

Hint:I wonder what the last game he was playing?

Hint:Basketball net?

Hint:I need a 4 digit code, I swear I saw one at the beginning...

Solution:Put the video games found in the top drawer in their respective basket. There is also one inside the console you can get by clicking the eject button.

Xbox: Fable, Gears of War, Halo.

Playstation: God of War, Jax and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank

Nintendo: Mario Bros, Yoshis Island, Donkey KongThis will open the bottom drawer with a basketball in it. Put the basketball in the net to open the wall. To find the code for the door, go back to the cell and look at the riot shield.

Create more explosive liquidHint:There is already some made on the weapon/tool shelf, I wonder how to recreate it?

Hint:Note under the hat? ( H20 + Gas + Pressure = Boom)

Hint:There seems to be some empty canisters in this weird contraption.

Hint:Labels for water and Gas?

Solution:(Prerequisites: Fix water)

Fill up empty bucket from cell with water.

Place water in contraption next to H20 label.

Get gas canister found on the wooden shelf in hidden room.

Place canister next to gas label (on the floor on the side nearest to hidden room).After Animations you can grab the filled canisters of explosive liquid.

Open the tool boxHint:I need 4 numbers, Is there any on this shelf?

Hint:The colours seem to matter.

Hint:This Laptop screen says O2, is it related?

Solution:Use the numbers on the oxygen tank with the order found on the laptop screen to get the combination.

Computer RamHint:There is a computer here, maybe I can open it?

Hint:I need a screwdriver where could I find one?

Solution:(Prerequisites: open secret room, open tool box) Use the screwdriver to open the computer case and take the RAM sticks out

Cell phoneHint:I wonder if there is something up high?

Hint:I need something long to reach the box...

Solution:Use the old curtain rod to knock down the box labelled "Old Phones" on top of the black shelf

BatteriesHint:Something at my feet maybe?

Solution:Batteries are in the box under the computer, its tucked away in the back

Circuit boardHint:This cabinet is sealed shut..

Hint:Is there a tool that could pry it open?

Solution:Use the crowbar on top of the tool shelf to pry open the cabinet on the black shelf,the circuit board is inside.

Building the bombHint:There is a blackboard that shows me a diagram...

Hint:I wonder if I can find all these components?

Solution:Place all components on the circuit board, then place the board on the mat in the white box labelled "board". Place the butane torch (make sure to turn it on) above it and you will finish making the "makeshift bomb"

EscapingHint:I wonder if I can put this bomb somewhere?

Solution:Place it on the door in the white rectangle and wait for it to explode.


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