The hidden plot of Elden Ring.

The hidden plot of Elden Ring.


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The Mysterious And Cruel World Of Martin.

In FromSoftware games, you have to learn the plot from the descriptions of objects and dialogues with characters. Elden Ring is no exception - despite a bunch of peaceful NPCs and various enemies, there is no diary or bestiary in the game. So what really happened in the game's universe, and why is Interearth in desperate need of a savior? Let's try to tell in a very abbreviated version.

Any fictional universe obeys internal laws. In Elden Ring, the main force is the Great Will - something like a deity in the usual sense, a powerful force without a physical shell. Such deities are called "outer gods", in contrast to those gods that can be met live. There are several of them, including the chaos god Furious Flame and several nameless gods (such as the god of the moon).

In the Interearth, where the events of the game take place, the Great Will rules everything. Although there are more powerful gods in the game universe. The Great Will sent the Ring of Elden to the Interearth - only this is not a ring in the literal sense, but a set of Great runes (the same ones that fall from the bodies of story bosses). The Ring establishes the Golden Order - the rules that govern life, death, magic, nature, and everything else. The ring consists of the runes of Order, Life and Death, so if, for example, the rune of Death is pulled out of it, then the population of Interearth will stop dying. One of the heroines of the game has already checked what will happen if this is done.

Marika Is The Most Powerful Character In The Universe.

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In the world of the Great Will, everything is arranged according to strict rules: in order to receive power, the Interearth must be ruled by three. This is one king or queen, partner and protector. Will chose the main queen Marika. Initially, she obeyed the will of the Golden Order, which was transmitted by Two Fingers, but later realized that she could go her own way, pursuing selfish goals.

Marika comes from the Extraterrestrial race. There is little information about them, but one thing is known for sure: the Unearthly are the descendants of one god, who somehow impregnated himself. You can imagine how rare this is, so there are only five Ethereals in the game: Marika, Radagon, Rennie and Malenia with Mikella.

Marika came from the unknown outer lands of Numen (eng. "divine power") and quickly gained the trust of Two Fingers. She was assigned to guard the Ring of Elden, which was somehow placed inside her, and she began to rule the Interearth. Marika's first consort husband was Godfrey, and she gave him the title of first lord of Elden. They had three sons: Godwin, Morgott and Mog. The children of Marika and Godfrey were the first demigods and no longer belonged to the Extraterrestrial race, because their father was a man.

The twins Morgott and Mog were born with an omen curse that caused them to grow horns on their bodies, so their parents hid them in the Leindell dungeons. Over the years, they became hardened: society despised them, and all the love of the mother went to the first-born Godwin.

The queen also had a personal protector - Maliket, her half-brother. He is a half-wolf, not an Ethereal, which means that he and Marika had a different mother or father.

Marika sought to gain immortality for herself and loved ones, which she did - she removed the rune of Death from the Elden Ring. She was given to Maliket for safekeeping, and twice he failed in his task, but more on that later.

The Mysterious Radagon Is Also Marika.

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Marika was able to divide her body into male and female parts, as her Ethereal ancestors probably knew how to do. The male version of the queen is called Radagon, he is a separate person with his own goals and desires. Radagon served Marika and led her army in the wars against the giants and magicians of Caria until he met Renalla, the Carian queen. Her family Kariya preferred science and magic to brute force and worshiped the god of the moon. And instead of fighting the Carian magicians, Radagon married their queen.

Radagon and Renalla settled in Raya Lukaria's academy, where his pet red wolf still lives. While Marika waged war, Radagon and Renalla lived more quietly and had children: Radana, Ricarda and Rennie. Only Rennie was somehow born Unearthly - so Two Fingers chose her as a candidate to replace Marika.

Maybe Renalla did not participate in her birth, and Radagon somehow created her himself? There is a compelling theory that sounds fantastic. Rennie could be a demigod if she was born directly from Renalla (I remind you that she is not a goddess, but an ordinary person). It seems that this amber egg in the queen's hands, "Radagon's parting gift", is the Great Rune from which Rennie emerged. And if for her "birth" it took only one Unearthly, then she also belongs to this race.

Marika's First Husband Became Master Of Elden

While Radagon was busy with diapers, Godfrey commanded the army of Marika and still won the war with the giants. After that, he relaxed, and Marika demoted him from the first master of Elden to the first Extinct. He took the name of Hoar Lux, took his lion Serosh (the one that grows from his back) and stayed to guard the Tree of Erd. Later, he had a daughter, Nefeli Lux, who grew up as a warrior, like her father. But she was adopted by Gideon Ofnir - and also did not distinguish himself with a warm attitude towards the girl.

Marika Married Herself, Or Radagon Married Himself.

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The news of Marika and Godfrey's divorce did not pass Radagon by. He returned to the queen, leaving Renalla the Great Unborn Rune. The unfortunate queen went silently insane when she was abandoned, and then her beloved daughter committed suicide, so we find her in an extremely deplorable state in the midst of unsuccessful attempts to recreate the demigods.

Radagon returned to Marika, married himself/herself (God!), became the second master of Elden, and they began to have children. Remember Marika's first children, Morgott and Mog? So, the younger children of Marika were also cursed. Malenia was born with a curse of red rot consuming her body, and her twin Michella was forever a child.

Two fingers chose the three Unearthly as a suitable replacement for Marika - as you already understood, they turned out to be Rennie, Malenia and Mikella. But the whole trio went about their business: Mikella was looking for a way to cure her sister of the red rot, she swore to protect him at all costs, and Rennie made chaos in the Interearth.

Rennie Is The Only Rebel Who Openly Rebelled Against Two Fingers.

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Princess Kariya didn't share Two Fingers' enthusiasm for her future at all. She understood that she could not get rid of the pressure while she was in the immortal Unearthly body. Therefore, she stole part of the Death rune from Maliket in order to commit body suicide, but leave the soul "alive" to be transferred to a new puppet body. This is how death works in Elden Ring - the murder must hit both the body and the soul of the victim in order for her to finally die. Rennie knew about it, so she could not worry about success - and later she began to be proud of it.

Rennie stole a piece of the rune to use it to create blades for killing souls and killing the body. After this ritual, a gang of Black Knives appeared, consisting of female assassins from the lands of Numen (and these bandits were closely associated with Marika). They left half of the cursed mark on Rennie's body, killing her flesh, and went to kill someone's soul - the victim was Godwin, Marika's favorite son. The assassins carved the second half of the cursed mark on his body and killed the soul, throwing the body to the roots of the Tree of Erd. These events went down in history as the "Night of the Black Knives".

Somehow, the cursed roots of Death sprouted from Godwin's body, engulfing the entire Interearth. He became the first Living after death, and all those who died after him also could not find peace - without a rune in any way. As a result, all the undead worshiped Godwin as the Prince of Death. Fii's quest chain is connected to him: the purpose of her "order" is to let the dead die completely and restore the cycle of life and death.

Marika Broke The Ring, And The World Plunged Into Chaos.

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The effect of the "Night of Black Knives" proved to be completely unpredictable and caused irreparable damage to the Interearth as well as Marika's mental state. Heartbroken, the queen finally became disillusioned with the will of the Golden Order and smashed the Ring of Elden with her hammer. Radagon was against it and unsuccessfully tried to restore it. Or not? You can't tell from the pictures you have.

In any case, the Great Will imprisoned both inside the Tree of Erd and again "glued" both personalities into one body. And the remains of the ring, which broke up into Great Runes, were scattered all over the world. They were received by Marika's own children - Malenia, Mog and Morgott; Radagon's children - Radan and Ricard; Renalla received one rune, and another went to Marika's distant relative Godric.

After the Sundering, Rennie finally freed herself from the title imposed on her and continued to study the magic of the Moon in the company of her faithful companions: the blacksmith and military adviser Iji, the court sorcerer Seluvis and the Shadow protector Blyde. Iji, as the most experienced warrior, tried to warn the witch that Blyde is a Shadow, which means that he obeys the will of Two Fingers and will betray her. But she ignored these words, because Blyde was the closest being to her, with whom she grew up like a brother.

As for Maliket, his roof has moved even further than his sister's. He became Gurrank, the Shepherd Beast, and bound the blade to his own flesh so that no one else could ever steal the Death Rune from him. But in return, he received a fierce hunger that only the Roots of Death could satisfy. And then he again had to pick at old wounds (almost literally), but the Extinguished One stopped his moral torment forever.

Over time, many of those who received the runes began to fight other rune-wielders for power, and the entire Interearth was plunged into an endless civil war. This era is called the Shattering. The biggest battle was the battle between Radan and Malenia, as a result of which the Unearthly infected the general, and his entire region was covered with red rot.

And Now - To The Events Of The Game. How Does The Extinguished One Affect The World?

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After a 3-page backstory, you can finally describe at least something in one sentence: the main character or heroine needs to collect the Great Runes and restore the Elden Ring. But the ways in which he / she will do this are slightly different from each other. The game has a large open world, you can kill the bosses in any order, if pumping allows you.

Our character belongs to the Extinguished caste - creatures that have lost the grace of the Tree of Erd. After the Great Will did not find a worthy replacement for Marika among the Unearthly, all hopes were placed on the Extinguished. Therefore, they were resurrected and returned to the Inter-earth to restore order.

The plot begins the same way: the hero comes to life at the grave, we are shown Melina, the future assistant and mentor of the hero. There are many theories about who she really is. She is considered by some to be Rennie or Rennie's former mentor due to the eye mark and dialogue about Potok being familiar with both. Or she could be Marika's daughter/relative, since she knows everything about the Queen so well.

One way or another, the hero and Melina have a common goal: firstly, to understand everything that is happening (Melina does not remember anything, and the hero does not know anything), and secondly, to get to the Tree of Erd, which illuminates the whole world with golden light. During the journey, she will understand that it is impossible to continue to obey the will of Two Fingers, and the world needs radical changes. Therefore, Melina will offer to commit an inexcusable sin - to burn the Tree of Erd. There is no other way to get inside to Marika, because the Tree is sealed.

Four endings have a common beginning: Melina burns the tree, sacrificing herself, the hero goes inside the Tree, where he defeats Radagon, and then the Elden Beast. The queen will be left without a consort husband and will need to be resurrected to rule together - those are the rules of the Higher Will, remember? Touching the statue of the broken Marika will resurrect her and start one of the endings.

1. "Fix the Ring of Elden" will give the most ordinary, neutral ending, where everything will return to normal, as it was intended by Marika.

2. Application of the rune of the Higher order (quest of brother Korin): the era of the Ideal order will begin. The followers of the Ideal Order are not satisfied with the imperfection of the Golden Order, namely, "the inconstancy of the gods, who are no better than people." There is no direct answer to the question of what exactly will change in the game.

3. Application of the rune of the Prince of Death (Fii's quest): the world will plunge into the Age of Twilight. The disappearance of the Death rune ruined the process of rebirth, and no one died permanently. And this rune makes it possible to fix everything and make everyone mortal again.

4. Use of the Rune of Damnation (Scum Eater quest): perhaps the worst case scenario. A new plague will spread throughout the Interearth and the inhabitants will be doomed to eternal suffering. There is a sense in this ending, despite its cruelty: the Scavenge Eater spent a long time in the same Leindell dungeons as Mog, where he had seen enough of his suffering. And if everyone suffers like Mog, they will understand how hard it is to live in a damned body.

And two more endings can be obtained without Marika ascending the throne.

1. Rennie's summoning will result in her taking Marika's place, and the Extinct One becoming her consort partner accordingly. The place of the Higher Will will be taken by the external deity Dark Moon. Rennie eventually achieves his goal and destroys the power of the Golden Order, and then takes them far to the stars, freeing the inhabitants of Interearth. Due to a translation error, many misunderstood this ending, as if Rennie is doing something bad, when in fact she is trying to protect everyone.

2. At a certain point in the game, you can choose the ending of the outer god of the Furious Flame, then other endings will be closed. Three Fingers, the insane "brother" of Two Fingers, will endow the Extinguished One with his power. In the finale, next to the statue of Marika, you need to activate the inscription "Become the lord of the Furious Flame", and this ending will begin - in it the Extinguished One will lose his head, and the statue of Marika will scatter into ashes.

A headless Extinguished One with something like the Eye of Sauron for a head will burn with the Tree of Erd, and the whole earth will plunge into fire and chaos. In this ending, Melina survives and comes to the throne under the Tree of Erd. She vows revenge on her former assistant, and the game ends there. But we can still expect DLC about it, so perhaps Melina's story will not end.


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