So you wanna play Bloodborne in Elden Ring?


The obvious start to any guide about 'cosplay' would be fashion, Bloodborne has such a unique variety of attire (Armor) that you might think it hard to find anything similar in the comparatively bland armor of Elden Ring, and trust me. It was.

The attire I would suggest using is the Crowfeather set, using

*Raptors black Feathers,

*Skeletal Mask,

*Preceptors Trousers,

*Preceptors gloves.

However, you can also DIY something together with Hoslow's Helm or the vulgar militia chest piece, both of these look very Bloodborne even if they don't look like a specific set of attire

Talismans & Great Rune

This section is all about finding the right talismans and Great Rune to evoke Bloodborne's mechanic's/Playstyle

Picking the right talismans AND Great Rune is important if you want to feel like your actually playing Bloodborne, Thankfully I have just the items for you.

Talismans Used

*Assasins Crimson Dagger: This is used to gain health on crits, aka your visceral, this wouldn't happen if you didn't any health to rally back but you would gain more health than just a normal attack

*Any resistance talismans: Important because due to lack of heavy armor you would take a lot of damage, damage in Elden ring is far higher than any past game so your gonna need this

*Axe talisman/Gofrey Icon: Charged attacks were much more powerful in Bloodborne, though the icon doesn't give you the animations it still makes the attacks stronger

*Green dog Talisman: this increases stamina regen, A vital buff for quick builds, also vital because the new "Grass Crest shield" Looks like complete garbo and ruins fashion

Now that we're done with talismans we need a Great Rune! If you about Great Runes you know which one I'm gonna pick.

Great Rune: Melania's Great Rune, this literally implements the rally system from Bloodborne, this is a Must have for anyone seeking to make a hunter cosplay, and if you haven't beat Melania lucky you because even without the Rune this build is pretty good against her.

Onto the Weapons!

Weapons & Weapon Arts

Bloodborne undoubtedly has the best and most unique weapons in the series, so it's going to be hard to recreate them, I Myself only managed to recreate 3 BB weapons which will be listed below

Kirkhammer: One of the more iconic BB weapons the Kirkhammer is a One handed Straight sword that fits into a Large stone Hammer with engravings on it, To recreate this use a Claymore with quickstep in one hand a a Battle Hammer in the other (WA doesn't matter, I suggest Lion's claw) Switch between two handing either of the weapons.

Burial Blade aka Gehrman's scythe: the final boss of most BB playthrough's is Old Hunter Gehrman, He uses A scythe that can transform into a curved sword, I couldn't find an alternative to the curved sword but the grave scythe with quickstep looks incredibly similar to this weapon's scythe mode

Chikage: A katana that can be coated with blood, A simple weapon, in BB the price for using the blood coat is losing health each hit, sadly since chaos blade isn't in Elden Ring you'll have to settle with using Uchigatana with sepukku

That mostly wraps up the weapons used but there is one honorable mention.

Ludwig's Holy Blade: A straight sword that transforms into a greatsword, I tried to make this work with Trolls Golden Sword and Claymore But it just looked awful and wasn't very similar to the Holy Blade

PvE & PvP Viability

In Elden ring Viability is important, and you might be worried that this build might not make the cut but I'm proud to say otherwise, Quickstep is a great skill and most weapons you use should work well with infusions and grease. One area this character would Probably fall short in is duels, quickstep got nerfed and drawstring grease is expensive, which I consider a must have for hunter builds. If your wondering about multi combat it's pretty decent because really any build except deathblight can get by in multi combat.

I hope my fellow hunters found this guide helpful, this is actually my first steam community post so I hope I did well and made someone's day better. thanks for reading this whole thing!


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