How to conduct yourself like a true Elden Lord

Rule #1: When Fighting A Mimic, Always Use The Down Point Gesture

This not only establishes to any onlookers (and the mimic itself) that you are the OG, the one and only, the main ♥♥♥♥♥, but it also is a way to acknowledge the faults in your build and remain humble and down to earth.

Real Lords will take any opportunity to degrade themselves.

Rule #2: Only Level Vigor

What? You barely know her?

Grow up.

Blah blah blah, dex this, strength that. Real Lords care for one stat and one stat alone, and that is the one that makes the pretty red bar at the top of your screen long and hard to empty.

Think of it like a progress bar; the closer it is to filling up the entire width of your screen, the closer you are to being deserving of the title 'Lord'.

What do good Lord's do? Well they don't go dying in two hits, that's for sure. A good Lord has a long and prosperous reign.

Rule #3: Never Dodge.

What does dodging do? Conveys vulnerability and shows a lack of vigor.

If you can't tank the hit, you deserve to get hit.

Simple as.

Rule #4: Offer Invaders A Backstab

If you haven't neglected to follow rule #2, then this shouldn't end in your demise. What offering your back to an enemy does is show that you are unafraid, bold, and might be mentally unwell.

This will make the invader both fear and respect you, possibly allowing for an ally-ship to form.

Rule #5: Don't Kill Any Of The Bosses

You're a Lord, why stoop to their level?

Rule #6: Always Be Encumbered

A Lord must be able to carry the weight of his subjects and whatever drip he may find upon his back. The heavier his load, the better.


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