How I beat the Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight

Step 1 Preface And Things To Do First

With the challenge I am doing, I cannot use any melee weapons or sorcery. For you that will obviously be different. I attempted this boss around level 60 using the spells rotten breath, dragon maw, and heal. I used 8 cerulean flasks and my physick restored my fp and gave me dmg reduction.

If you want free levels before this fight and need dragon hearts to get the two spells I referenced above, go to Greyoll's dragon barrow. There is a massive dragon there named Greyoll who's tail you can attack. I had a friend help me use blood loss on it since I couldn't do so at the time, but I am sure if you had enough flasks, you could use dragonice to frostbite it to death. The spell Greyoll gives you access to is kind ♥♥♥♥ in my opinion and she is better to kill for the hearts and souls she gives.

Near her is a nice soul farming spot as well before the minor erdtree in the area. There is a grace that is a a fork in the road.

Lastly in the very south of caelim there is a cathedral with a dragon in front where you will want to go to learn the stronger dragon incantations. The cathedral of dragon communion.

Step 2 The Strat

I will be honest, this strat is total cheese. In my eyes, souls games are completed the way you want. Whether you build dex or str or faith or int doesn't matter. You are only bad at the game if you give up.

The strategy I used was to first put the scarlet rot debuff on the warrior. I found that I could get of a free full charge by running close to the center of the arena at the start of the fight and breathing on him while he walked or ran at me as it staggered him.

Next I would back step twice and queue up an fp potion. After that, and only if he decided to walk I would use dragon maw and correctly space it so that he got hit by only the tip. After this I would swap to my physick and back step again while queuing it then immediately dragon maw. If all conditions were met the Warrior would be at 1/12 health and the Knight would have just flown in.

The next part of the strategy is running. I typically would run clockwise using the unbreakable stage as a small point to drink estus while running. I will say, I had lots of trouble with the misbegotten's telegraphs. He reminded me slightly of a phase 1 gael who held his swings for way too long. I didn't want to bother fighting the Misbegotten so I let him die of rot.

At this point, I would be down to 6 flasks of cerulean tears. The only time I found safe to attack the Knight was if he was walking or right after he finished his flying strike. To die, scarlet rot must proc twice. I found that it typically procs once if you breath on him 3 times or hit him twice while he isn't blocking. After that, you just have to run around the arena until it runs out then rinse and repeat. The only difficulty is his tail swipe attack which killed be a few times but that's what I deserve for running a light roll build.

Step 3 Profit???

This fight in my experience and using this strategy boils down to luck and patience. If you get the Warrior down, it is much easier. The problem was having enough fp in my challenge. Here I want to express that this fight is probably much easier with phantoms. There is nothing to be embarrassed about with using summons honestly. Souls-like games aren't easy for beginners or just in general. As long as you don't give up and don't break your controller, then in my book, you are doing a great job. I completely understand my method is sort of cheese kinda like using pestilent mist on Midir, but it was how I chose to play the fight. I could have spent longer learning the moves and chipping away at both bosses with a flame catch but honestly, I saw no point since I was having trouble fighting them one on one and since I wasn't wanting to give in and summon phantoms.

That's it for my guide. Don't give up. Praise the sun.


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