Cursed Undead NPC - Roleplay Guide

Cursed Undead NPC - Roleplay Guide

Introduction: Expectation & Explanation

This guide is not meant to be a step by step guide on how to roleplay in Elden Ring as a NPC. Like my first guide, my guides are more generalized on how to act/be in game. This guide is for players who are trying to do a Undead NPC and are looking for tips and tricks to sell the act, such as what weapons/armor could be used for maximum roleplay and what names/titles to use.

The Character: Names And Surnames

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The name of a character is its very soul! No more xXxSnooperxXx type names! Not to sound like a gatekeeper, you can have whatever name you want, but if you wanted to sound more fantasy world like or a bit more adult, then Xbox gamer tags type names do not fit. Now for making the name, I would first recommend making the character, then pick the class, and then make the name. The other way around could work if you got a decent image of how you want to look in your head, but mostly it's better to do the natural flow of things. Name choices? If you are going for an NPC, which I mean that is kinda the whole point of this guide, I would suggest you use medieval names. Though another great thing to lookup is "Elden Ring Names" and some Reddit image will come up. I kinda wanted to put that in here but some of the names were Fromsoftware censored so they obviously did not check them and also I do not want to take someones work and use it in my guide without asking.

The Character: Titles, And Adjectives

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Do these names/titles sound generic to you? That is what we are going for. Now how to use a title is about the same as how you use an adjective. Unlike most adjectives, a title can be used by itself, or just another title, or an adjective, and still sound like a great NPC name.

(Examples: Weary Warrior, Warrior, Ninja Warrior, Ulric the Bard, Sir Ulric)

I picked these out from memory and from generic NPC names I saw in video games. I also made sure none of these listed were censored in game. (If you find a mistake censored one tell me)

WARNING: Name Censorship

This is in case you did not know, in Fromsoftware games there is an automatic algorithm censorship for names. Obvious names are usually censored. Most slurs and most cuss words are censored. But... the software also censors random things due to its general vagueness. Such as the often seen censored word "Knight" in online gameplay. What's worse is you can't see the censorship yourself in single player, so you wont know unless some other player tells you. Yeah your name ain't Knight Ryan it is K***ht Ryan. I personally kinda wish this censorship was a option people could turn off and on, but its just in the game and we, the players, have to figure out things to work around or avoid it.

How to avoid having a censored name in multiplayer? Name check your name on the Darksouls 3 Name Check on GitHub or simply ask a friend when ingame if your name is censored, and then change your name at the Roundtable Hold if it is censored. In this guide, I will show some creative name choices so you hopefully wont feel sad missing out on the word knight anymore.

The Character: Weapons And Armor

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What armor and weapons should your cursed undead NPC be using? Well that is up to you how far you want to push the roleplay. I personally think you should lean on being more tame with your armor and weapons choices to keep the look. Like if you are going to use a weapon that is not default to the Godrick Knights and you are cosplaying as a Godrick Knight make sure its generic enough looking that it could pass. Do not use a giant two handed club on your Godrick Knight captain cosplay because it would look out of place. If you used a rapier maybe instead of the lordsworn sword it will most likely fit. This comes down to common sense, as seen in the examples below.

(Purist Undead NPC Cosplay) Knight is wearing all default stuff, less creative but gets the job done.

(Undead OC NPC Cosplay) Knight is wearing different pieces of armor/weapon sets and has helmet off. Still fits the theme of the game, though trying to stand out as an original character slightly.

(Wackadoodle) Knight has no real matching set pieces. His weapon is not in character at all and he looks like a fool, or a player who just can't find two matching set pieces, or really is trying to do some perfect stat build or something.

Conclusion: Links & Likes

Wish to learn how to make the look of the Cursed Undead NPC? I have a previous guide for that!

I hope you enjoyed this guide to creating a believable, yet custom NPC-style character. If you did enjoy leave a like. Thanks, and happy gaming.


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