How to win in this game!

How to win in this game!


How to win in this game! image 1


u want wining in this fuсkin game?

u want fuсk everyone?

u want girlfriend?(oh no, u gaemer, nevermind)

If u want win u need use this guide cuz... cuz u need it, okay?

First Step (movement)

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How to win in this game! image 9

Yea, in game without physics u need use MoViMaNt

In general u need train ur bhop

Hold W+A or W+D and jump sideways like this:LONG JUMP - looking similar to bhop, but it contains only 1 jump

On ladder u should go up, but look sideways cuz its faster (W+A or W+D and move ur camera to stay on ladder lul)

Shift + ctrl its roll.

On inclined surfaces u need jump on this surface and press ctrl, its give urself a boost for u and u can say ur enemy:


Second Step (Play Like A B1tch)

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Push everyone off the platforms, push on "Death from above".

And you will learn a lot about your family and friends, but u win EUEUEUE

It's playstyle like a b1tch, but it easy win (If you are not a potato).

Turn on the music so that you would be hated even more than ultra try hard, choking bаstard.

It's End (i Don't Care Stupid Creator)

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Thanks for reading its my second guide for anything, I know, my guide bad, but it's only second one

I hope u like it and If you don't mind, can I have some points.

GL with your game!


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