Crab game ultimate movement guide

Crab game ultimate movement guide


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In this guide I will show ALL of the mechanics that are ussefull and will not be deleted never in the game.

Ladders tricks, jumps mechanics, speed boost, tire tricks and more!

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Gain Speed

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In this game the speed is so important so we are gonna see how to gain speed.

The only mechanic that you need to know is the diagonal movement. Remember this the diagonal movement is the most important mechanic because you can apply it in a lot of mechanics for improve them. In this game if you move diagonal you increase your speed so the best way to gain speed diagonaly is to jump while you are running (shifting) and going diagonal. The keys that you will press for that are this:

Shift + Space + W + A


Shift + Space + W + D

Ladder Tricks

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First we are gonna talk about how to rise the ladders faster and is also a diagonal movement.

So basically while you are walking up the ladders you are going to press:

W + A + Shift


W + D + Shift

Next we are gonna talk about the things you can do in the ladders to get off them (helps for quick scapes).

Ladder Turn

Basically you’re gonna climb ladders and hold W and A or D to slide off to a side.

Ladder Hop

This is another technique more commonly used. For get off ladders with a jump:

Hold Shift + S + Jump

if youre climbing ladders backwards do:

Hold Shift + W + Jump

Jump And Slide Mechanics

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First im gonna talk about the crouch jump mechanics. This mechanic is probably the most important one because it allows you to reach spots that a normal jump cant reach and move faster in maps. This is the mechanic beside diagonal movement that will make a huge difference in your matches.

There are 2 ways to do a crouch jump. With a diagonal jump or wiath a normal jump.

Basically you will run (shift) or take a little of speed and hit :

Space + Crouch (crouch is the last key you have to press you dont have to press them at the same time).

Or if you are gonna do it diagonal take speed with diagonal movement and do the crouch jump.

Now we are gonna talk about the slide mechanics


When you are gonna fall in a ramp press the Crouch key. This is gonna boost your speed a lot and if you are falling of a high place the fall damage will be cancelated. You can do this also with some walls by pressing W + D or W + D for be stuck to the wall and slide.

Tire Mechanics

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There are two ways to get a jump boost on a tire, this is useful for doing skips in races maps, boosting in high places, or for travel around a map.

There are 3 ways:

The normal jump

Run to a tire and the second you touch it press Space

The crouch jump

Run to a tire and the second you touch it press Crouch

The super jump

Run diagonaly torwards a tire and the second you touch it press Crouch and instantly press Jump/Space.

All of this jumps are diferent so I recommend you to try and practice them. This jumps can cost you very serious fall damage so be careful.

Goodbye ♡

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I've spent hours writing and gathering information so I hope this guide will help you a lot. I also recommend that you see other guides on youtube or steam about tricks not of the movement but of the maps themselves to have more chances of winning games. All the crab game mechanics are easy to learn and don't take much time to practice and it's going to be a before and after in your games because you're going to die much less and you're going to move with epic gamer gods.

With all this said, I hope it has been useful to you, share this guide with everyone you see that may be useful or interested, if you think I should change something or add any mechanics to the guide, tell me in the comments.

A reward is always well received.

Goodbye and good luck in your matches! <3


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