True Neverclick: An Annoying Test of Patience (How To Get)

The Introduction

In Cookie Clicker, there are things such as "Shadow Achievements." These are achievements that are extremely difficult to achieve and require a lot more effort than others. One of these achievements is called True Neverclick.

In order to achieve this, you must bake 1 million cookies WITHOUT clicking the Big Cookie a single time. If you recognize the achievement Neverclick (where you get 1 million cookies only clicking the Big Cookie less than 15 times) then think of True Neverclick (True NC) as a harder edition.

If you hadn't gotten Neverclick, which I will call NC, and are going for True NC, then you can get both at the same time!

True NC is a difficult achievement though, so bare with me if I get anything wrong.

Enjoy reading!

Step 1: The Hard Part

When we boot up Cookie Clicker, we start with nothing - 0 cookies, 0 CPS, literally nothing.

This may already seem like the end of our run, right? I mean, we cannot click the cookie to help us at ALL, so hypothetically, we cannot get this achievement without cheats.

But, this is where we bless whoever we believe in for Golden Cookies. Golden Cookies are cookies that spawn periodically as you play. Golden Cookies usually boost your production by 7x, but there is also a chance they can directly give you cookies. In the start of the game, these kinds of Golden Cookies give 13 cookies.

However, we have another issue - we have to wait. We cannot gain any cookies to get a Cursor, so we have to wait for Golden Cookies to spawn. This can take up to 10 or even 20 minutes for one to spawn! You'll just have to be patient. When you get your first Golden Cookie, it should hopefully be a 'Lucky!' one. These Lucky Golden Cookies give you the direct cookies.

Now, we have another issue. These cookies ONLY give 13, and we need 15 to get a Cursor to get somewhere. You may have to wait upwards to an HOUR to acquire the amount you need. Sometimes, the Golden Cookies may not even be Lucky ones - they could be production boosts; which are useless at the moment. Upon getting two Lucky Golden Cookies, you will have 26 cookies and can afford 1 Cursor.

For me, it took about 35 minutes to get the two Golden Cookies required, with 4 total Golden Cookies that had spawned.


If you're playing during Christmas Season, you can wait for a Reindeer to spawn instead of a Golden Cookie. However, you will start with 25 cookies; one less than if you wait for the two Lucky Golden Cookies.

Step 2: Build Up

Upon getting your first Cursor, you will have automatic cookies at a whopping 0.1 CPS. This will get you 1 cookies every 10 seconds. Grandmas are extremely helpful right when you get them, but at this rate we would need to wait 1000 seconds (or about 17 minutes.)

Of course, you can always by more cursors to speed up the process or do something else whilst you wait. When you get a Grandma, then you'll be set sail!

At this point, it's just a lot of loitering and waiting around to get more Cursors and whatnot. Just make sure you build up from the first Cursor to get more CPS for the achievement!

Things To Note

> True NC can only be achieved when you start fresh. This means if you already have some progress and reach a point where you can ascend, you must ascend in Challenge Mode, where you start from scratch with no upgrades. You could also go for this achievement when you first boot up the game.

> You CANNOT click the Big Cookie at even point. Even by accident, it is still counted.

> You could also be a sore loser and hack in the cookies. But that's no fun.

> You do not need your current cookies to be one million. You just need to bake an overall one million during your run.


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